Young People’s Pathway Housing Solutions @ the Hub

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Young People’s Pathway Housing Solutions @ the Hub
North Yorkshire County Council
North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) in partnership with the seven District/Borough housing authorities developed a Young People’s Pathway model (YPP), called ‘Young People’s Housing Solutions @ the Hub’ in 2011. YPP provides a multi-agency service across the County to young people aged 16-25 years who may be homeless or at risk of homelessness.

The Council wishes to invite tenders for elements of the Young People’s Pathway Housing Solutions @ the Hub which are offered in two lots; Lot 1 – Prevention
and Reconnection Service and Lot 2 – Supported Accommodation and Resettlement.
Suppliers may submit bids for one or both lots.

The contract for each Lot will run between 1 October 2016 and 30 September 2021. The Council will have the power to extend the contract for a further two years at its discretion and subject to satisfactory performance.

The Council has a maximum annual budget for each requirement:
• Lot 1 £205,000 per annum
• Lot 2: £1,395,000 per annum
Costs will be fixed for the seven years of the contract term with no inflationary uplift.

Deadline: 20/05/2016

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