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This week’s newsletter bids, grants and Funds come to you in conjunction with our sponsors London Based Manley Summers Training.   This week as our New Year edition is little different this is where I say thank you so much for the past year.

Not many bid items this week but hey have a look we have some 55 pages.

 As we leave 2017 and 2018 Welcome to the New Year. Over the Holiday period I looked at many items some of these are easy to comprehend like Christmas pudding, and Christmas cracker Jokes others like Brexit I cannot understand this type of situation as a country and how it will all end up. Often I listen to people who know much more than me but they all appear to not have an understanding 100%. So I think we have to look to our own industry whatever that may be and just push forward.

Coming from the Training and Development background training is always changing or indeed it changes its name and a few twerks and its back again. It is something we talk about and say this is so and so but with a different name so ASB or AEB!


So the New Year is around the corner and for companies who are Levy payers this New Year 2018 is going to be great. More information more opportunities and the DFE have got some things sorted in some areas, the poor guys and gals at the ESFA are also getting some idea of where they stand. My heart foes out to them as they have to go along with the Department Of Education, I send out the weekly Newsletter to 3,527 people in the Training and Development Industry and some 1,225 Companies last weeks can be found at and this has News, Information, Bids, Grants and Funds, another one will go out as it has done every week for the past 8 years.

You can sign up for this at or e-mail me personally at and I will do it for you.


This coming year my 12 organisations I am retained by and my other 200 plus clients will be looking to work with Primes as Sub Contractors or with their own Funds won over the past year and indeed with Employers who are paying the levy.  So we have some 212 organisations from Leeds down to Cornwall we deal with and will have the training for you and your companies.

I will be working with the Asian Apprenticeship Awards as an Ambassador after two years as a Judge this has been a great eye opener working with the RAF and other organisations. Also our company as a Patron of the BAME Apprenticeship Alliance will be undertaking many new and exciting items going forward in conjunction with many organisations. I will also be starting off the first Peer Meet up for Training Providers for 2018 in Leeds on the 18th of January so any providers in the North East this event is FREE and a great Networking opportunity to start the year off.


Peer Meet Up for Training Providers Leeds Hosted by Talented Training at Oxford Place at the Oxford Chamber Leeds LS1 3AX 18th of January 2018. The Event looks at Training and Development Leaders from an area together to look at issues of the day find out the latest news and also meet people in the Industry to network and collaborate.  Looking at Technology, Ofsted funding and items of value to the Group. Also local issues and items around delivery this follows on from Events in Birmingham and London to bring the Events out to Directors owners and executives. Food on the day will be sponsored by ICQ the Awarding Body and EPA organisation. The event is being hosted by Talented Training Ltd Leeds with Steve Lawrence EEVT Ltd. Start reception registration 10.00 am finish with Photos and PR items 16.00 One File will be there and Care Shield, MAW Ltd, Thrive Ahead and MARS Health Care. We await confirmation from Alex Miles Managing Director, WY Learning Providers. Alan Hill from Pathways will be there with Part of the Pathway 2 Grow Family These events have been going now for some 15 months with great success tickets for this free event are available at the following


Again this year we will have the Key people like Lindsay McCurdy with her conferences, and her New Website then of course Nick Linford from FE Week and other people from the End Point Assessment and Awarding Bodies will be working their magic to many to note here.

Also key people like Mark Dawe from the Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP).   All of these people along with others like Safraz Ali from Pathways Group, Peter Marple’s from 3A  Aspire Achieve Advance Ltd, Dale Morgan from TCHC, Others like James from Prevista or John Govert from Ixion aka Shaw Trust.

All of these People along with many others will be doing their best for you in 2018 so from me Steve Lawrence as I enter my 37 years in the Industry and the 18th year of my company then please do not hesitate to contact me as we go forward and my Team and the others I work with like Straplan Ltd, MAWS Ltd, Training Skills Uk Ltd, Get Set, Thrive Ahead, Apprenticeship Assessments Ltd, OASIS, Edlounge, Skills Serve Ltd, CareShield Ltd, KBM Group, Talented Training Ltd, Skills Supplies ltd, CLMD, Cultural Capital, MARS Health Care Ltd, TWIN Group, Successful Mums CIC, Real Skills Ltd, Pathways Group, Learning Station, NET Security Training Limited and many more to many to note here may I wish you and yours a Great New Year 2018.

Key as we move forward are three things InformationNetworking and Partnerships if you’re an Employer looking for a Provider talk to us cost nothing we can give you several options, if you’re a Provider get involved in our Networks and if you’re looking for Partnerships for Bids or delivery contact us. Have a Great 2018.


One files thoughts on what Ofsted said Planning for Ofsted? 10 things you NEED to know  Ofsted has been around for 25 years now.  In 1992, Ofsted was first introduced to inspect all state-funded schools. Since then a lot has changed, and Ofsted is now responsible for maintaining training quality across all ages – from childminders to adult learning organisations.  

Ofsted is always growing and shifting. This means if you have anything to do with training, you need to stay in the loop.

So what can you do to stay compliant? Well, ‘so what’ is the optimal phrase here.  

Alan Hinchcliffe, one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors at Ofsted, said at AELP’s Dissemination of Ofsted event that ‘so what’ apparently are Ofsted’s 2 favourite words. He explained that during inspections, providers need to show Ofsted how their training impacts learners – Ofsted wants to know ‘so what?’.  So when you’re showing Ofsted the systems or policies you have in place, imagine they’re constantly asking ‘so what’, and demonstrate how this impacts learners and improves the quality of delivery. When you’ve got that down, you’ll be heading straight for an ‘outstanding’ rating.  

This is a new approach for everyone, but if you use an eportfolio, you’re halfway there. At OneFile, our eportfolio is designed to support Ofsted outstanding, so you’re always ready answer those ‘so what’ questions. Check our top 10 examples: 

  1. Learners have access to progress charts – so what? Using progress dashboards keeps learners engaged as they can track their progression and see what tasks they have still to complete. You can use OneFile to evidence increased engagement through timely completion rates.
  2. Trainers can create plans for each learner – so what? This shows Ofsted that you plan and review as part of your working practice and adapt resources and activities to support those with learning difficulties.
  3. Feedback is delivered online and in person – so what? Learners receive a range of feedback to help them through their programme. Online feedback can be sent instantly, rather than waiting for face-to-face visits – so learners always have the support they need, when they need it. Verbal feedback can also be uploaded as an audio file so there’s a full record available for audit. Ofsted inspectors can use OneFile to gather evidence of feedback, and see how feedback has impacted learners via interviews and surveys.
  4. Learning resources are shared via a VLE – so what? This shows Ofsted that you’ve thought about how different people learn, and invested in a solution to support everyone. You can show that learners can access a range of quality materials that stretch and challenge them – then their achievements can be mapped against criteria to demonstrate advanced learning.
  5. Managers can report on activity across the centre – so what?OneFile has over 70 preloaded reports designed for Ofsted inspections. These enable managers to target at-risk learners and give them the extra support they need to get them back on track. Feedback and performance are recorded in the learner’s portfolio, so you can demonstrate the tangible results of this extra support.
  6. Learners can record entries in an online journal – so what?Learners have the freedom to reflect on their learning and take an active role in how they learn. This provides the best possible account of learning.
  7. Managers can track staff professional development – so what? This ensures staff are always up to date and qualified to deliver programmes, so learners receive the best quality training. With OneFile, centres can track staff CPD activities and store certificates to show Ofsted.
  8. Learners can capture evidence offline using a mobile app – so what?Learners can use a range of media to collect evidence of their learning easily wherever they are – even when they’re offline. This makes learning convenient, flexible and accessible – there are no barriers to learning so users are more engaged in their training.
  9. Learners are allocated off-the-job training time – so what?As well as complying with the ESFA’s new guidelines, off-the-job training shows a strong emphasis on the importance of learning, and enables learners to gain additional skills that’ll help them in their role. With OneFile,learners can upload evidence of their extra learning and share it with their trainer and employer –  helping all parties stay engaged with the process.
  10. Annotations can be added to evidence – so what?Trainers can provide constructive, contextual feedback to the learner on specific aspects of their evidence. OneFile shows all the annotations that have been provided to help the learner reach their final version. This process shows learning taking place and demonstrates how trainers provide feedback and review their approach to support different learners.


Dr Jo Ingold (Leeds University Business School) has published the final Report from research on Employer Engagement in Employability and Skills Programmes in the UK and Denmark

Last week we published our final research report on Employer Engagement in Employability and Skills Programmes in the UK and Denmark. The report was launched at an event in Westminster on 13th December with a panel comprised of colleagues from a range of organisations including AELP, ERSA and the CIPD. Jo would welcome any comments on the research, or suggestions for maximising its impact on policy and practice: @joingold


Executive Summary:

Research webpage:

From Jo have a great Christmas and New Year!


Keep training from me Steve and all the Team at EEVT, see you also on social media






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