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This week’s newsletter bids, grants and Funds come to you in conjunction with our New sponsors KPI DEVELOPMENT Limited going forward.  We thank last year’s sponsor’s Manley Summers.  Exciting news on that next week with our newsletter going out to some 3,516 professional’s in the industry.  This week we have a Bumper Edition of 53 pages of information News, Bids Grants and Funds. Well it is Easter and it’s that time again where you all get a break, so enjoy it.

Full details can be downloaded from the link below:


ESFA have continued to ensure stability in allocation statements for the 2018 to 2019 funding year, which have now been issued to our providers.

On the adult education budget, ESFA continue to maintain levels of investment. Grant provider block grant allocations are rolling-forward from 2017 to 2018 and contract for service provider allocations are being increased from 9-month to 12-month values.

Where applicable, ESFA are also consolidating run-down funding into contract for service baselines too. In all cases, allocations will include any growth awarded so far this year.

To ensure providers can deliver adult education budget provision with confidence, ESFA are committing to fund 3% over-delivery at the end of the 2018 to 2019 funding year for all providers.

For advanced learner loan facilities providers, baselines have been calculated using full-year delivery in 2016 to 2017 and increasing it by 3%. ESFA have then applied rules reflecting decisions made at performance-management points this year.

To ensure advanced learner loan bursary funding is targeted effectively at the providers that need it most, for the first time, ESFA have linked advanced learner loan bursary allocations to full year 2016 to 2017 delivery and applied an increase of 3%.

For 16 to 18 traineeships, ESFA have used 12-months of delivery (6 months from 2016 to 2017 and 6 months from 2017 to 2018) to calculate allocations. ESFA have then applied a 3% increase and applied rules reflecting decisions made at performance-management points this year.

For apprenticeship providers who have apprentices that will still be in learning on 31 July 2018, carry-in allocations will be calculated using R10 data submissions.

This allocation will be worked out by using our standard carry-in methodology and will be issued in July 2018.

ESFA encourage colleges and providers to submit full and timely data at R10 as this will improve the accuracy of the carry-in allocation ESFA work out for colleges and providers.


J Brand are running two events they are shown here: We are running 2 events, both breakfast sessions from 8.30 to 10.00. The first on Wednesday 18th April from our facility in Runcorn, the 2nd in W1 London the following day.  Items like sessions covering GDPR, IT Recycling & Data Destruction.If you think that you would particularly benefit from attending, please let me know and I’ll see if I can add them to the attendee list.  Daniel Little email me at


Details of this opportunity are as follows: Project: We are Surrey 2018

Project Reference: SCC – 019504 Customers: Surrey County Council

Description: Come along and learn how you could be a step ahead in winning contracts and other benefits for your business. Get inspired by examples of how businesses, voluntary, community, faith organisations, local authorities and other public bodies in Surrey are already collaborating. See how you can get involved and share your ideas for how we can expand on work that is already happening to support our communities. With speakers, breakout sessions and a networking reception We Are Surrey 2018 is a can’t miss event!

Click this link to go to the portal:


Advanced Learner Loans – Launch of 2018 to 2019 application service

Action: The 2018 to 2019 application service will be available from 14 May for learners who wish to start eligible qualifications from 1 August 2018 funded with a loan.

We have updated the learning and funding information letters. You must issue these to learners, including for offenders in custody, who are considering funding their qualification with a loan. We have also published guidance on how to complete the letter.

Registration will open shortly for the Student Loans Company annual provider events in April/May 2018.

These events are an opportunity to share knowledge and gain an insight into the operational policy, systems and resources of the programme. More details can be found on their website


 We did send out an Offer to clients at the time of this bid to be involved, some of you did others did not for their own reasons. Also we offered to what we call A List clients.

I can tell you that the bid placed forward has been one of the winners and we cannot yet tell you the value of the bid and other details. So well done to the Sheffield based  Edlounge and Sam Warnes, the founder, of the company.

The projects which will share a £11.7 million fund to help more adults back into the classroom have been announced.

The Flexible Learning Fund will support 32 “innovative” projects across England.

The idea is to “encourage more people to take part in new training or courses that will help them progress in current employment or secure a new job”, according to the Department for Education.

“Projects are aimed at a range of skill levels – teaching beginners all the way through to those who already have a good understanding of a topic”.

The skills minister Anne Milton hailed the new project.

“I’m really excited about these projects, which will help people learn the skills they need to grow and succeed in lots of different jobs,” she said.

“Whether working already or returning to work, it can be difficult for people to fit training around their busy lives. “This funding aims to find out how providers and employers can work together to better meet the needs of adults of all ages, who want the opportunity to learn important new skills and change their lives.


The Board of the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB) is delighted to announce Tom Bewick as its new chief executive.  Commenting on the appointment, the chair of FAB, Paul Eeles said: “Following a robust and comprehensive recruitment process, the board decided on a candidate that brought the strongest possible experience in lobbying and policy influencing of the skills and qualifications agenda.

Tom Bewick has an exemplary track record of building solid representative industry organisations and working with government. He has influenced skills policy spanning a twenty-five-year career both in the United Kingdom and internationally, most recently in the United States. I’m really looking forward to working with Tom over the coming months as we strive to put the value of our qualifications and assessment organisations at the heart of the UK’s rapidly evolving technical education, skills and apprenticeship systems.

The Board would like to thank John McNamara for his leadership of FAB through this interim period”. Tom Bewick, in-coming chief executive of FAB, said: “I’m delighted to be appointed to this role. Throughout my career I have been passionate about leading and representing organisations committed to growing a highly-skilled and qualified workforce. The fact is that strong qualifications, assessment and awarding organisations are the engine room of a twenty-first century economy.  “Without good qualifications, people can’t get the rewards they deserve and our society will not succeed.

“I will be unrelenting in putting forward the positive case, representing FAB members’ interests, and explaining why the public should listen to what is a fantastically comprehensive and diverse industry. I’m proud to represent a sector that provides so many individuals, employers and communities with the means to succeed up and down the land. I can’t wait to get started.”


County council leaders have called for local enterprise partnership (Lep) boundaries to be redrawn and aligned with their own, according to a new report out today. A report published today by the County Councils Network (CCN) and consultants Grant Thornton reveals the vast majority (84%) of upper-tier councils believe Lep boundaries should be re-shaped and aligned with county priorities. According to the report, only six counties in England share a boundary with their Lep. The remaining 31 counties in England either work alongside several different Leps or one that covers a whole region. In the report, Grant Thornton argues that it ‘is not realistic’ to expect local councils to engage with more than one Lep. And the CCN argues it creates confusion for local business, occasionally leads to competing and differing priorities over investment and growth initiatives. ‘Many counties do not share co-terminosity with their Lep


An ex-chief executive of a training provider and two of her former colleagues have been sentenced to a total of more than 10 years in prison for defrauding a college and a private provider out of almost £460,000.  Joanne Mounter, Paula Bolan, Kym Adrian Norman, who all worked for Team Wearside, were each convicted for their part in a scheme in which they created large numbers of fictitious learners to fraudulently invoice funding providers.  Ms Mounter and Ms Bolan were both sentenced to four years and four months at Newcastle Crown Court, while Mr Norman received a term of two years and eight months.

The two women admitted to one charge that they – along with Mr Norman – had “dishonestly and intending thereby to make a gain for themselves or another” invoiced Sunderland College for a total of £304,858 between July 2014 and December 2015.The pair also pleaded guilty to “making representations to Springboard through invoices presented, namely that a total of £154,674.01 was payable, which was and which they knew was untrue”.  Ms Mounter was also convicted of a third charge of fraudulently obtaining a hire purchase agreement through Mercedes Benz finance.

The charges related to their former roles at Team Wearside, a training provider and charity based in Sunderland, where Ms Mounter was chief executive, Ms Bolan was quality and compliance manager, and Mr Norman was an assessor. Ms Mounter and Ms Bolan were both “actively involved in using false data to claim funding with Springboard and Sunderland College”.


Ok the New Group just for Clients of EEVT on Linked In called 2020 Vision is now up and running, our other 2 groups EEVT Ltd and Peer meet Up will continue but this is just for clients only and also for industry specialist’s that bring value to the clients.  This can be found at


From me Steve and from all the team have a great week and keep training!

Non-Executive Director at Five Companies and MD of EEVT Ltd

From me Steve and from all the team have a great week and keep training

Non-Executive Director at Five Companies and MD of EEVT Ltd

2020 Vision is at






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