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This week’s newsletter bids, grants and Funds come to you in conjunction with our sponsors KPI DEVELOPMENT Limited going forward.  Our newsletter goes out to some 3,122 professionals’ in the industry and this week we have another BUMPER EDITION of 50 pages of information News, Bids Grants and Funds.

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The education secretary has hit back at the Federation of Awarding Bodies “deeply disappointing” threat of a judicial review of T-levels, warning that it could “disrupt” their rollout.  Damian Hinds vowed to press ahead with the new technical qualifications as planned, and said the proposed legal action was “unnecessary”.

He told awarding organisations to “focus their energies” instead on making them a success.

It comes after the FAB wrote to the Department for Education and Institute for Apprenticeships on Wednesday, outlining the grounds upon which it intends to launch a judicial review. READ MORE AT

Also my own view is that you may have let us say x and y Awarding bodies; this means you as a provider may have to go and spend another £1,000 for an Awarding body just to do T levels.


esra CEO tells us I am pleased to report back from the first meeting of the West Midlands’ Employment Support Taskforce, which is a time limited group set up to flesh out what the framework for the West Midlands should look like. 

 At the meeting I received a briefing on the new Skills Deal which was launched on Monday.  This has a number of elements, including:

A new Apprenticeship and Technical Education Taskforce

Flexibility in the use of £40m in apprenticeship funding

£5m to test approaches for a National Retraining Scheme

£1m for Edtech focused on adult learners

£1m around careers advice and a careers hub

Work to help businesses to share work experience opportunities for schools

The full information can be found here:


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ERASMUS+ Funding results

This month we’re sending congratulations far and wide across the UK as we publish the first lists of successful projects funded under the 2018 Call. The results are published on a rolling basis and more will be added as the selection process continues. If you have been successful, don’t forget to keep us up to date with your project’s progress by using #epluspeople!

This contains information on Erasmus+ projects funded by the UK National Agency. Information is ordered by Call year and then by application deadline. We further sort project information by project type (Key Actions 1, 2 and 3) and sector (higher education, vocational education and training, schools, adult education and youth).

The table below sets out the application deadlines for 2018 and summarises the available information. You can download project lists within the table.

Deadline date Details Publication of results
1 February 2018 Key Action 1 projects for:
Vocational education and training published 19 June 2018

download (66 KB)

Vocational education and training organisations with the VET Mobility Charter published 19 June 2018

download (25 KB)

Adult education


published 19 June 2018

download (25 KB)

Higher education International Credit Mobility to be published
Higher education published 20 July 2018

download (77 KB)

Schools published 20 July 2018

download (112 KB)

15 February 2018 Key Action 1 projects for youth published 5 July 2018

download (48 KB)

Key Action 2 projects for youth published 20 June 2018

download (77 KB)

Key Action 3 projects for youth published 20 June 2018

download (76 KB)


Following our Ofsted inspection in June 2018, Prevista have been informed by the awarding body that ‘we remain a good provider’ and have retained our Grade 2 rating for our provision of Education & Skills Funding Agency programmes.

The inspection report highlights our commitment to learners, subcontractors and employers, supported through strong leadership, rigorous performance management and quality assurance standards, and highly motivated staff.

Amongst the evidence for a “good” grading, the report states:

‘Prevista has further promoted their inspirational vision and culture, which have learners’ priorities and success at the heart of what they do. The vision and culture positively permeate all aspects of leaders’, managers’ and staff’s work and are reflected in the high expectations Prevista has of its staff, learners, subcontractors and employers’.

‘Leaders have established a strong culture of keeping learners safe, which positively impacts upon decision making at every level of Prevista’.‘The rigorous quality assurance noted at the previous inspection continues, and leaders pay very good attention to the performance management of subcontractors’.

‘Prevista’s experienced and knowledgeable non-executive board provides very good challenge and support for the managing directors and the managers. Board members promote clear strategic aims and ambitions, with learners and their success at the centre of their actions’.

‘Managers and staff ensure that employers are fully involved in the development of their learners’ training plans and employers support learners well to develop and use their skills at work. As a consequence, learners understand the value of their studies to their employment, are highly motivated and keen to learn, and make positive contributions in their workplaces’.

Prevista’s Executive Directors and the Board of Directors would like to thank and congratulate everyone involved for their commitment and skill in achieving this Ofsted result, including our supply chain partners who have demonstrated high levels of hard work and diligence in guiding their learners to positive progression outcomes. The outcome is also a testament to our commitment to our learners who remain at the heart of the business at Prevista.

Mark Sargeant Director of Business Development, Partnerships & Marketing

Prevista Ltd Tel: +44 (0) 20 7609 4198 Fax: +44 (0) 20 7609 4575


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You are now able to submit growth requests for your 16 to 18 and adult non-levy apprenticeship contract for the 2018 to 2019 funding year.

Please send your completed growth request forms to Provider.PerformanceManagement@Education.GOV.UK and your provider manager before 5pm on Friday 3 August.

Any growth awarded will be from August 2018 to March 2019 and will be subject to available budget.  We remain committed to supporting high-quality apprenticeship delivery wherever possible. We will prioritise available funds to meet gaps in the construction sector, in particular:

  • accessing and rigging
  • stonemasonry
  • applied waterproof membranes
  • plant maintenance
  • cladding

For this growth exercise, we will be using the ILR R12 data returns (due 6 August). Therefore, please ensure that your R12 ILR returns are accurate and complete.

For further information, please refer to version 6 of the apprenticeship funding and performance-management rules for training providers or contact your provider manager.


Rosa has launched a justice and equality fund which consists of two streams. The Advice and Support programme aims to increase access to support, signposting and expert legal advice for people who have experienced sexual harassment and abuse. Specialist organisations providing emotional support to survivors can also apply for grants of between £25,000 and £200,000. The Changing the Conversation programme will offer £250,000 worth ofdevelopment grants to develop a strategic communications network that aims to build the capacity of organisations already working to raise awareness of the impact of harassment and abuse, challenge the current culture of impunity and to prevent both from happening in the first instance. The deadline for applications is 30th July. Find out more here at


Qualification: ESOL Entry Level 3 

Entry Level 3 ESOL Reading assignments have been designed to give candidates more than one opportunity to meet most of the assessment criteria (hence the criteria with an asterisk). However, the alphabetical ordering or use of the dictionary only have one opportunity in each paper so we have therefore introduced three retake tasks allowing candidates to meet these criteria at Entry 3 and these are now available on the City & Guilds website from the 4692 Qualification Page.
Full directions on the conditions for use of the re-sit tasks are given in the Assessor Pack.


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The Education and Skills Funding Agency has this afternoon published its annual report for 2017-18, revealing huge bailouts, questionable bonuses and resource issues.  This is the first set of accounts for the agency, which formed last April, bringing together the Education Funding Agency and the Skills Funding Agency.

FE Week has the main findings:

1.      The agency reported a loss of £67 million, mainly because of college Exceptional Financial Support loans

The college with the biggest amount waived was Hull, where the ESFA abandoned £21,267,000. The second was Central Sussex College with £12,098,000, followed by Bournville College, which had £10.5 million waived.

Three failed University Technical Colleges – Daventry, Greater Manchester, and Lancashire – had a combined total of £3,137,000 written off as a result of closure.

2.      The ESFA gave away failed UTC and studio school sites worth almost £15.5 million as ‘gifts’

When UTC Lancashire closed at the end of 2016/17, the site reverted back to the ESFA which identified the University of Central Lancashire as “the most suitable occupier”. The transfer of the site to the university “resulted in a gift of £10.3 million being recognised”.

Future Tech Studio School closed in August 2017, and the ESFA took over the lease of the site – valued at £3.2 million – from the academy trust which had operated the school. As it does not intend to occupy the site, it has been leased to the Warrington Vale Royal College and recognised as a gift.

Finally, the Devon Studio School closed at the end of 2016/17. The ESFA did not own the site, but the total capital refurbishment and equipment costs paid for the studio school were £3.6 million. The report said the ESFA has made a “clawback agreement” with the academy trust, which is valued as a gift of £2.1 million.

3.      The agency underspent by £314 million – largely because of FE

Its budget was £60.7 billion but the actual outturn was £0.3 billion below this.

A total of £159 million of the underspend came from “Revenue Departmental Expenditure Limits”, which included £99 million from the further education Restructuring Facility, “due to inherent uncertainties on the timing and amount of the grants”, and £67 million across apprenticeships, adult education and early years budgets.

The remaining underspend, totalling £155 million, came from its “Capital Departmental Expenditure Limits”. This included £29 million from Restructuring Facility capital grants, and £127 million schools capital.

4.      Less than half of the £300 million restructuring facility was used

During 2017-18, the ESFA introduced an end-to-end payment and repayment process to manage the release of a new funding line to colleges – the Restructuring Facility.

As of the end of March just £140 million was paid to support their internal restructuring to achieve greater financial sustainability.

The Association of Colleges previously blamed the slow take-up on “a lack of transparency”.

5.      Peter Lauener received the biggest bonus, despite multiple procurement fiascos

The former chief executive was handed a bonus of between £20-25,000 when he left last November – £20,000 higher than any other staff member, even though he didn’t work the full year.  It also came despite debacles with the adult education budget and non-levy procurement processes, which left training providers fuming. The ESFA even had to spend an extra £16 million to fix the AEB tender after it changed rules at the eleventh hour. The agency surprisingly said in today’s accounts that both tenders ran “successfully”.

Lauener’s total pay package was between £120-125,000 this year.

The most highly paid directors at the agency were people responsible for FE.

Matthew Atkinson, director of the Transactions Unit and Kirsty Evans, associate director of adult education, received remuneration packages worth up to £170,000 – largely because of huge pension contributions of £47,000 and £61,000 respectively.

6.      £56.6 million allocated to providers to build capacity T-levels work placements

The cash was spread out between 415 training providers who “submitted successful implementation plans, to build capacity for places and to start the deployment of industrial placements”.

7.      110 colleges were in early intervention at some point during the year

Of these: four moved to formal intervention; 27 were no longer in early intervention at the end of the financial year; and nine colleges merged or became an academy.

As at April 2018, three out of 63 sixth-form colleges and 39 out of 167 further education colleges were in formal intervention.

8.      31 more college mergers were completed

During 2017-18, 31 college mergers were implemented, taking the total number of mergers completed since the start of the area review programme to 41.

This is more than two-thirds of the mergers agreed through area reviews and is the “most concentrated period of structural change since the establishment of the further education sector in 1993”. In addition to the mergers that have been completed, 18 sixth-form colleges have converted to academy status during the year, resulting in the FE sector now standing at 204 colleges and 64 sixth-form colleges.

9.      Enquiries to the ESFA have surged because of T-levels, apprenticeship reforms, and the Grenfell Tower fire

The agency handled 5,951 enquiries from, or related to, FE providers throughout the year. This is a 27 per cent increase from 2016-17 (4,687 enquiries). The increase is “largely attributable to recent announcements about T-levels, and work to report cladding on publicly-funded education buildings following the Grenfell Tower fire”.

The ESFA saw an increase in programme queries related to funding, data and systems for training and skills provision, handling 38,233 enquiries in 2017/18 (compared to 33,625 in 2016/17). The increase has been put down to the growing Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers, along with the impact of a “more complex funding landscape” during the implementation of apprenticeship reform.

10.   Speaking of RoATP…

As of 31 March 2018, there was a total of 2,588 organisations on the apprenticeship register, with 998 providers being added in 2017-18, and 92 removed.

11.   But all of the added work is giving the ESFA a resource issue

“As the agency’s remit expands further in 2018-19 and beyond, there is a risk that the agency will not have the people resources it needs to be able to effectively deliver all of its priorities and remit,” it said.  Discussions are however taking place with the Department for Education to “review future year resource requirements and to seek agreement to fund sufficient skills and capabilities that are needed”.


Sign up for our free teacher training seminar ‘How to engage your pupils in the UK Parliament and democracy’ on Tuesday 6 November 2018. You’ll tour the Palace of Westminster, take part in Q&A sessions and more! Suitable for both primary and secondary teachers.

Seminars for Teachers and Education Professionals

Thank you for your interest in Parliament’s teacher training opportunities which provide an insight into the work of Parliament for those working with young people in schools and informal organisations.

All training events are free of charge and available on a first come, first served basis. We are able to cover travel costs, up to a maximum of £150, for those working in education charities/voluntary organisations or trainee teachers. Please see the full terms and conditions on the website for more details.

Confirmation of whether we have been able to allocate you a place will be sent via email and will be subject to availability of the programme.

Please note that while always designed to reflect topic areas relevant to the teaching of political literacy and democracy the final agenda will not be distributed until shortly before the date of the event. This is due to the fact that Parliamentary business can be subject to change at short notice.



Anything that could be classified as sensitive would need to be sent in a secure manor under the new GDPR laws. Therefore we developed dataxchange to allow you to send anything securely.  The dataxchange platform enables you to:

  1. It’s easy to use – send and receive data files with ease
  2. Send and receive documents and data files securely using AES-256 military grade encryption
  3. Ensures a reduced GDPR risk (such as minimising data replication and multiple file incidents).
  4. It allows you to gain insight and monitor data flows with full audit trails
  5. Gain credibility with your clients
  6. Has a White Label feature giving your customers and suppliers the assurance they need.
  7. And comes at an affordable price.

We offer a 15 minute desk and time friendly webinar for you to view the product, at a time convenient to yourself. Which is also followed by a no-obligation 7 day free trial.

If you are interested in a demo please do not hesitate to get in touch and we are more than happy to help. So what does it do.   If you transfer data files containing personal information to or from other organisations, you are legally obliged under GDPR to ensure the data is adequately protected.

 Traditional methods of transferring data by email, FTP and even SFTP can leave data and your business vulnerable. There are also widely used file transfer providers that still rely on security by obscurity. With these, you can quite easily have a breach if an email is intercepted containing a download link that does not require a password.

 DataXchange is a low cost, simple and secure cloud file transfer solution you can use from anywhere. From only £1 per user per month, our unique subscription model allows you to send and receive from an unlimited number of recipients outside of your organisation at no additional cost. See for more info or call 0845 121 2280 to book a demo. Kind regards, Kiera Telephone: 08451212280 Email:

Following the Prime Minister’s wider endorsement of the Jo Cox Commission recommendations on Loneliness in January 2018, the £11.5 million Building Connections Fund has been set up to support projects that are able to prevent or reduce loneliness.Area England Suitable for Voluntary or community organisations Funding size £30,000 to £100,000 Total available Main fund: Close to £9 million Application deadline Main fund: Friday 24 August by 12 noon. Awards will be made by December 2018 and projects can be funded until March 2021


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