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This week’s newsletter bids, grants and Funds come to you in conjunction with our sponsors KPI DEVELOPMENT Limited.  Exciting news on that next week with our newsletter going out to some 3,133 professionals’ in the industry. This week we have another BUMPER EDITION of 52 pages of information News, Bids Grants and Funds.

Full details can be downloaded from the link below:


Ok I have been in Sheffield for two days and Leeds for one and a half days so now back in Essex.  Also this week was the Clacton Air Show with loads of noise, Reading and Leeds festivals and a Bank Holiday so I will try to be very much to the point with items.


Next as you know lots of the ESF bids are out. Some confusion around Leeds and London SSU and SSW.  Also several people have noted only one Award per area however some areas have two areas or 4 areas.  Also noted is (using a tiebreaker if bids tie on scoring) and you need to bid for all of the resource (Paragraph 43).  As ESFA are looking to award just one contract per Lot and the financial stress tests and previous track record requirements mean that most training providers have little or no chance of being successful bidding for a direct contract.

You need to have the financial headroom with the ESFA to accommodate the contract – they will check this.  Or if you do not have an allocated financial limit from the ESFA you can only bid for the equivalent of 100% of your current ESFA provision (no mention if this is direct or sub-contracts)

You have to be the top scoring bid in your LEP area (probably will need full marks or pretty close). If you look at the scoring questions and appraisal notes this will be easier to achieve if you have a current (successfully managed) direct contract, a proven track record and infrastructure in the area you are bidding into and working partnerships in place (you need to name your partners and they will take references apparently).


One of the leading Recruitment Organisations has some items this week Alex would like you to look at:

  1. Sales Manager (Levy) with proven track record nationally – Midlands
  2. Lead IQA with Digital Marketing specialism and added experience on the network engineering and software development standards – London
  3. Experienced Operations Director looking for a national role – East Midlands


  1. Attractive Operations Management roles available – Leeds and London
  2. Ofsted consultant required (London 1 day per week)

Please contact


So on my travels this week many thanks to the staff and the owners of Edlounge in Sheffield and Talented Training in Leeds, also many thanks to Simon from Beats Learning Limited.


Did you know apprentices are able to make many of the same savings as full time students? The NUS Extra card gives savings on over 140 brands for £11 per year. Employers can now also bulk-buy cards at a discounted rate to provide as a free benefit to their apprentices. For more information email:


Chair of the education select committee Robert Halfon has accused the Department for Education of misrepresentation and discourtesy.  Yesterday afternoon the DfE published a blog, aimed at journalists, that claimed the former skills minister gave inaccurate apprenticeship figures in an interview with the BBC Today programme that morning.

Mr Halfon says this clearly misrepresented what he said, and the DfE didn’t “have the decency to check with me first”.  The DfE spent most of today deciding whether to respond, finally concluding they had “nothing to add” so would be declining to comment or amend the blog.  The dispute centres around Mr Halfon saying in the BBC interview: “the number of starts are declining, particularly in the 19-24 age bracket,” without specifying over what period.

 The DfE jumped to the conclusion that this warranted a rebuttal in their media blog, because in the past year the starts for those aged 25 had fallen even further than those aged 19-24.

Mr Halfon later explained to FE Week that his remarks referred to a statement in the July 2018 House of Commons briefing paper on apprenticeship statistics, which said that “starts for those aged between 19 and 24 fell to its lowest level since 2009/10”.

“The DfE has clearly misrepresented what I said by jumping to the conclusion I was referring to changes in the previous year,” he told FE Week.



The Assessors Guild, headed by Sam Taylor, plan a conference not to be forgotten on the 13th of November. On the day, attendees will be able to dive into the world of assessment and policy on a mission to make policy practical.

 Mark Froud, Managing Director of The Federation for Industry Sector Skills & Standards, states:  ‘During the midst of change and uncertainty, there has never been a stronger mandate to bring forth a professional membership body and encourage those concerned to step up and make their mark. This conference represents just that, and I can’t wait to attend’.

Who is The Assessors Guild?

The Assessors Guild are the only dedicated professional body for Technical and Vocational Assessors in the UK. Their mission is to ensure that Assessment and Assessors of all training reach the high standards expected by learners and employers. This will ensure that all those assessed are competent to do their jobs.

They will do this by:

  1. Measuring members against stringent professional standards
  2. Providing opportunities for ongoing professional development
  3. Being a thought leader in assessment

Why is a professional Membership Body like this needed?

The Assessors Guild represents a growing professional family of Assessors from all disciplines with the sole mission of achieving standardisation and high quality in the area of assessment. For too long, the Assessor has gone unrecognised and under-appreciated as vital players in the education system.

Year after year, lack of standardisation roadblocks consistency in results. There have been no readily accessible databases of skilled Assessors and universal standards to be held accountable against. The Assessors Guild are here to change that. They plan to bring this to an end by igniting the passion of the community and bringing them together in a mission to seek, promote and withhold high standards in CPD and assessment through a collective voice too loud to ignore.

What makes this conference different?  November 13th marks the launch of The Assessors Guild, expecting turnout upwards of 500. With early adopters of membership having the opportunity to help shape this revolutionary body, with some even sharing their experiences with the audience.

Membership will be granted to anyone who buys a ticket (providing they pass The Assessors Guild’s application stage) for the price of £120. With membership usually costing £90+VAT, this conference represents the perfect opportunity for an Assessor looking to join the family and make a mark on the future of Assessment.

Where is the conference? The conference will be held in Central Hall Westminster Storey’s Gate between 08:30 and 16:00 on the 13th of November.

Who will be there? On the day, there will be a selection of great speakers from all different corners of the Assessment arena. Hear from LTP’s, EPAO’s, EQAB’s and Ofqual. Employers, TAG members, and The Head of The Assessors Guild will be present sharing their thoughts on stage as well as the headline speakers Dame Julie Mellor (Introducing the event), Sir Gerry Berragan (Discussing all things Apprenticeship Quality) and Keith Smith (Quality & Funding).

If you’re new to the Assessment arena, looking for a refresh or seeking to advance your career, this one’s for you.

 Where can I get a ticket? You can book a ticket with membership included right here.

Free membership is granted to those who buy a ticket and pass the professional standards expected by The Assessors Guild, giving the name MTAG for professional use as well as the growing list of membership benefits as the membership body takes form.


A company has some trainees and, moving forward for progression of trainees please could you advise us if any provider is looking for delivery or associate for apps for accounting or business admin. We have placements and learners available to place with SMEs and accounting firms and can place appx 10 learners in Sep and 30-40 learners in this year.

We would also like to express interest as sub if any opportunity for partnership or EOI is available. Please contact Bharat Jas Training Services Ltd 17 Westmoreland Road Queensbury NW99RL Phone: 02031373127


Book Your Place: Pact 120th Anniversary AGM  2nd October Guest Speakers:

Pact Ambassadors (Prisoners’ Families’ Voices Group)

Mr Phil Copple, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director, HMPPS

Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney, National Policing Lead for Children and Young People

Sir Martin Narey DL, former Director General of HM Prison Service, non-Executive Advisory Board member at Unilink  Please join us at this special event to celebrate Pact’s 120th Anniversary. We are delighted to be joined this year by some very special guest speakers.

This event brings together the voices of prisoners’ families, with national leaders responsible for our prison system and for the policing of children and young people. Hear from our Chair, Phil Taylor OBE, and CEO, Andy Keen-Downs, about our 120 years of service, and the ambitions within our new 5 year vision. Find out about some of our exciting new partnerships and alliances, including our exciting new partnership with Unilink.

Join us, as we bring people from all sectors together, for the common good, to reduce re-offending, to make our prisons safer, and to give all children and young people a brighter future.


5.15     Refreshments

5.45     Welcome from Phil Taylor, OBE, Pact Chair of Trustees

5.50     Formal Pact AGM (including Treasurer’s Report, Elections

6.00     The Decency Agenda in the Digital Age, Sir Martin Narey DL, Unilink

6.10     120 Years of Serving, Andy Keen-Downs, CEO of Pact Group

6.25     Prisoners’ Families Voices

6.40     Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney

7.00     Mr Phil Copple, COO, HMPPS

7.20     Questions Time

7.30     Closing Remarks from Phil Taylor

7.35     Reception

8.00     Close

Our grateful thanks to Unilink for generously supporting this event, and to London South Bank University for their kind hospitality.


Hayley Kirton tells of ‘Fatal mismatch’ between T-level requirements and what employers can offer. The CIPD warns most businesses cannot meet 45-day work experience condition.  Most UK employers do not think they could offer a work experience placement that meets the requirements dictated by T-levels, a CIPD study published today has found. The incoming technical alternatives to A-levels, which are due to be rolled out from September 2020, require students to undertake a work experience placement lasting between 45 and 60 days, covering a minimum 315 hours. 

When asked if they could offer a placement to T-levels’ standards, just a quarter (26 per cent) employers said yes. A further fifth (22 per cent) said they could with financial incentive. A quarter (24 per cent) said they could not provide a placement for any length of time.

“These findings shine a light on the potentially fatal mismatch between the amount of work experience T-level students will need to complete their qualification, and what UK employers currently feel able to offer,” said Lizzie Crowley, skills adviser at the CIPD.

The CIPD report – Reforming technical education: Employers’ views of T-levels – also discovered that 60 per cent of the more than 2,000 employers questioned were unaware of T-levels, which formed part of the government’s 2016 post-16 skills plan. However, just under half (44 per cent) said they felt the qualifications would make a positive difference to young people’s employability.

“Government intervention is absolutely key to whether T-levels are a success when they’re introduced in two years’ time,” Crowley added. “It needs to provide employers with more information and guidance about how to include T-level students effectively in their workforce, and also seriously rethink the work experience requirement or jeopardise the success of these key reforms for improving technical education and skills in the UK.”

Mark Dawe, CEO of the Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP), told People Management: “The good news is that most employers aware of T-levels show support for this valuable part of the new qualification saying they are willing to play a greater role in helping students apply their learning in the workplace setting. But to transform this into reality, the government needs to do much more to engage the expertise and experience of apprenticeship training providers.”

The CIPD findings reflected an earlier City & Guilds and AELP survey, published in May. This survey warned just 8 per cent of employers ran work experience placements long enough to meet T-level requirements.

Apprenticeships and skills minister Anne Milton said: “T-levels are a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create technical education courses on a par with the best in the world, to provide young people will the skills and experience they need to secure a good job or progress into further training.”

Milton added her department had collaborated with over 200 employers to tailor the course content and were “keen to work with any and all organisations – including the CIPD – over the next months and years so that young people and employers understand the great opportunity T-levels will provide”.

 The CIPD survey comes at the height of results season, with GCSE results published tomorrow and A-level results published last Thursday. Last week, experts told People Management A-level pupils were still defaulting to university, seeing it at as the “safest option” for job prospects, rather than exploring other avenues.

However, today’s CIPD report also found 28 per cent of employers would opt for a graduate when recruiting somebody from education for an entry level role, compared with 14 per cent who would hire an apprentice.   Meanwhile, 54 per cent of those who had recruited somebody from education said university and higher education leavers were either very or fairly well prepared for work.


Tip of the week I: Free £5 Lego for kids once a month. Details

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Tip of the week 3: £2.50 discounts on 12 Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Details


From me Steve and from all the team have a great week and keep training

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