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This week more news and views, Bids Grants and Funds in conjunction with our sponsors KPI DEVELOPMENT Limited. Over 3,000 people are contacted with this FREE Newsletter and this week we have a Really Big Bumper Edition of 72 Pages!

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This week more news and Views and bids Grants and funds in conjunction with our sponsors KPI DEVELOPMENT Limited.  Over 3,000 people are contacted with this Free Newsletter each week and we have another VERY BIG edition of some 71 pages!


Yes, the process for devolved AEB is now well under way: The London PIN is out

Legal Basis:  Directive 2014/24/EU Greater London Authority City Hall, The Queens Walk London SE1 2AA Adult Education Services in London

London’s indicative Adult Education Budget (AEB) is £311m per year although the final amount being delegated will only be confirmed by DFE in early 2019. The GLA expects to procure a range of adult training services resulting in multiple contracts for services, amounting to approximately 130m GBP. However, this value could go up to 200m GBP over four years, subject to the final AEB allocation to GLA confirmed by DFE. It is intended that successful providers will enter into individual contracts to deliver a range of education and training services to both in-work and out of work London residents aged 19 or above, to help them gain qualifications, progress into further education and ultimately access and sustain employment.

The services contracts are intended to be split into 2 lots targeting different priority groups. These two priority groups, namely people out of work and people in work, will have different eligibility criteria and corresponding outputs and results. Applicants will be able to bid for one or both Lots and if awarded funding to deliver training services to both priority groups, this is envisaged to be under a single contract. It is envisaged that the contract notice will be published on 12.10.2018 with contracts to be awarded around April 2019 for training to commence on 1.8.2019. More information on AEB being devolved to the Mayor of London can be found

Lot 1: Adult Education Provision to out of work Londoners

This lot is envisaged to relate to adult education training contracts providing support to unemployed and economically inactive Londoners 19 years old and above, who are disadvantaged in the Labour Market, including young people (19-24) who are not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET). The successful providers are expected to offer education and training services to equip Londoners with the skills and knowledge they need to gain qualifications, progress into further education and access work. It is intended that multiple service contracts will be awarded within this lot, which are expected to constitute approximately 75 % of the total procurement value.

Lot 2: Adult Education Provision to In-Work Londoners

This lot is envisaged to relate to adult education training contracts providing support to in-work London residents aged 19 and above, particularly those in low pay or with low skills, to improve their skills and meet the needs of the local economy. The successful providers are expected to offer education and training services to equip Londoners with the skills and knowledge they need to gain qualifications, and achieve career progression. It is intended that multiple service contracts will be awarded within this lot, which are expected to constitute approximately 25 % of the total procurement value.

The procured AEB funding will be used as match to some of London’s European Social Fund (ESF) allocation. All AEB provision procured through this ITT will, therefore need to be compliant with the ESF regulations.


GRAND Opening of Caramel Rock NEW Location and Offices Faith the MD invites you along.  The date is 18th October time is 4pm-7.30pm address is: 5-6 Lower Dock Walk E16 2GT. This Great Charity would like to meet you and look at all aspects of what they do.

CARAMEL ROCK is an educational charity that provides training and job opportunities. We focus on empowering and supporting young people to access varied training and opportunities within the fashion industry. We provide services for people of different academic levels and age groups including young students on the verge of being expelled from school and seeking an intervention with our creative approach.

We are committed to developing the next generation by giving young people the opportunity to access resources, courses, opportunities and gain work experience and job training through our fashion courses in Newham, London. We aim to advance education and job opportunities for disadvantaged young people to defend them and give them a second chance, working with some of the most challenging young people.  People need to feel safe and secure in order to thrive academically and socially, and our pastoral support ensures that this is the case and to help students and their families deal with problems if and when they arise. Please confirm if you are attending


Wednesday the 10th of October in Coventry the Apprenticeship Conference

3 tickets for the price of 2, Click  on image to book your tickets to attend the Apprenticeship Conference/


RECRUITMENT AGENCY EXPO STARTS NEXT WEEK…HAVE YOU BOOKED YOU FREE ENTRY?  Celebrated for being the UK’s number one recruitment industry event, the Recruitment Agency Expo 2018 starts next week. Recruiter International invites you to attend the the Recruitment Agency Expo next week on 3-4 October at the NEC Birmingham.

Just one day at the show will enable you to:

  • Evaluate competing solutions across every product category
  • Discover new, more cost-effective solutions to existing processes
  • Test drive the latest products and experience live demonstrations
  • Book face-to-face appointments with key suppliers
  • Connect with new suppliers, customers and business partners
  • Network with your peers from across the country and around the world
  • Get expert advice on the specific challenges faced by your business
  • Stay up-to-date with emerging or changing trends
  • Listen to insightful keynotes from thought-leaders and innovators
  • Gain new ideas and insights to grow your business

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the industry event of the year. Your free ticket will give you access to the exhibition and over 40 free seminars delivered by 50 of the industry’s leading experts across our three theatres.


The apprentice minimum wage should be scrapped, the Association of Employment and Learning Providers has urged. Instead, the association believe apprentices should simply be paid the national minimum wage.  The pay increase – which could see some apprentices more than doubling their wages – would be “appropriate” and would also benefit employers, AELP boss Mark Dawe told FE Week.  “Given that apprentices are employees and they’re working a substantial amount of the time, they should be paid the same rate as every other worker,” he said.


Product manager Paul Kelman tells us about a new apprenticeship feedback service designed to help employers share views on training providers.

We’re developing an exciting new feature so that users can give feedback on aspects of their apprenticeship programmes. Initially we’ll ask employers to give feedback on their training providers.  Why give feedback?

Employers want to know what other employers think of training providers – they regularly tell us this in our user research sessions. We have listened to employers who tell us that they want up-to-date information and to hear from their peers when it comes to apprenticeship training providers.  Who can give feedback: Feedback will initially be available to employers that use the apprenticeship service. We aim to bring all employers onto the apprenticeship service, so eventually everyone will be able to give feedback on the training providers that they use.

 Capturing data: My team’s challenge has been to capture and share useful feedback from employers. We had to understand what information our users needed, and figure out how to capture that information. Our users asked for a quick and easy system that showed:

A high level rating to show what employers think of this training provider overall

The reasons why employers gave their overall rating

We created questions that take less than two minutes to answer. Employers will be given a list of attributes to select what a training provider does well and how they can improve. They then give an overall rating based on the quality of training and service. This is measured on a four-point scale from excellent to very poor.

We offer four choices to eliminate users automatically choosing the ‘middle’ option.

We tested several questions and formats with employers. They preferred the ‘strengths’ and ‘things to improve’ question because it was quick but gave insight into provider service.

Publishing feedback:  We don’t interpret scores or create algorithms, averages, or “good” or “bad” labels. We simply feedback exactly what our users have selected.

Anyone will be able to see this feedback when they search for a specific training provider in the Find apprenticeship training service.

Future enhancements: We are currently designing ways to notify training providers when they receive feedback so that they can address any issues raised. In future, we plan to make employer feedback a key metric in all searches made on the Find apprenticeship training service. The aim is to give employers the information they need to help them filter search results so that they can choose training providers that best suit their needs.

We’re also looking to allow users to filter feedback results based on the kind of feedback they want to see – for example, some employers are keen to only see reviews from employers in their sector. Once the initial feedback model is up and running, we’re looking to rollout a similar model more widely. We want employers to give feedback on specific apprenticeship standards and end-point assessment organisations. The first release is due very soon. We’ll start with a small number of users and steadily build it up. We’ll learn, iterate, and improve.  For regular apprenticeship service updates follow @ESFAdigital


 EuroSkills Shane Mann

Almost seven years ago the world descended upon London’s Excel arena for the 41st WorldSkills competition – my first experience. At the time it was hailed as the largest ever skills competition, and the first single event to fully occupy the Excel centre. Transport for London even used the event as a drill for the upcoming Olympic Games.

In the months following the event we worked with the National Apprenticeship Service, which was then operating skills competitions in the UK, to improve the profile of WorldSkills in the UK. As a sector we often reflect on the lack of media attention FE receives. The work of WorldSkills UK and the successes of Team UK is something we should be extremely proud of, not just as a sector, but as a nation.

We took the decision to accept an offer of becoming media partner later that year – a role which would embed us with Team UK and follow their journeys as they prepared to compete on the international stage. At the time I was wee lad and about the same age as the competitors, in fact some were older. For two years I worked alongside Team UK and observed our world class education system in operation as the team got set to compete at WorldSkills Leipzig.

As my hairline has receded, other members of the FE Week team have had the opportunity to report and be inspired. My whole organisation is fully committed to investing in WorldSkills UK to ensure an increasing number of people are able to learn about their work and successes. We have now renewed our media partnership with WorldSkills UK for a further two years.  In recent years the national media has finally shown more of an interest in WorldSkills, from the BBC to daily newspapers. It’s great to see, and provides a great representation to the public of what our sector achieves.

 Team UK’s successes are only possible thanks to the infrastructure provided by colleges, providers and employers across the country.  What the FE sector now needs to do is shout about it more. More than ever before. Get on social media over the coming few days and wish the team good luck, using the hashtag #TEAMUK. Share the news articles on our website with your colleagues and stake-holders.

It’s great to see more of the sector engaging with WorldSkills UK than ever before, but it’s not nearly enough! There is so much more we could do. WorldSkills UK and Team UK are some of the best ambassadors for the FE sector we have. They and the sector deserve to be celebrated and recognised!


Colleges Week  Keeping with the theme of championing the sector, we have also this week thrown our weight behind the “Colleges Week” campaign, led by AoC. You might have noticed we’ve added the campaign logo to our masthead, both on our website and this newspaper. The week provides a focused opportunity to showcase and celebrate the inspiring work colleges provide their local communities and beyond, alongside this highlighting the government’s underinvestment in colleges.

We at FE Week fully support the mission of Colleges Week and hope it is a great success, with impact.  We would encourage all in the sector to support the campaign and hope that it has a positive impact for all providers. On the eve of the Chancellor’s autumn statement, we need a united voice arguing for an increase in the rates paid to ensure the entire sector can continue to provide a world class education for learners.  

Next week we will undoubtedly be showered with platitudes from Damian Hinds, when he speaks at his party conference, about the great work the sector does and its importance. Don’t let him and the Chancellor get away with their being no substance. This is a long overdue opportunity for them to put their money where their mouth is and cough-up.

But they will need a nudge.


Tip of the week I: One day Christmas market coach trip to Bruges. Details

Tip of the week 2: Three Odeon cinema tickets for £16.50. Details


From me Steve and from all the team have a great week and keep training

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