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This week more news and Views and Bids Grants and Funds in conjunction with our sponsors KPI DEVELOPMENT Limited.  Over 3,000 people are contacted with this Free Newsletter every week and we have some 57 pages of bids, grants and funds.

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Just back from Leeds and Sheffield. OK what’s happening, let’s have a look.


Commissioning AEB Provision The West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA)

GMCA wishes to ensure that the AEB market in GM is open to high quality providers of all kinds (including partnerships / alliances of providers and their supply chains) which want to build strong, place-focused relationships with the GMCA and with businesses and learners across GM, in order to provide the best value and impact for residents through alignment with the wider skills and employment system.

From the 2019/20 academic year, the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) will take responsibility for the region’s Adult Education Budget (AEB) and how it is delivered.

The AEB aims to engage adults and employers to provide the skills and learning needed in the region to equip adults for work, upskill current employees and find specialist training. The AEB enables more flexible, tailored programmes of learning to be made available in the West Midlands, to help eligible adults engage in learning, build confidence, enhance their wellbeing and provide future opportunities.

We will align our funding with priority growth sectors, particularly those targeted through our strategic economic plan (,to drive up skill levels amongst our communities to secure sustainable employment and enhance skills at higher levels and ultimately improve productivity across the region.

WMCA will fund adult education for residents across the region through a range of delivery providers.

Meet the buyer

A meet the buyer event will be taking place on the 30th November at the Studio Birmingham. To register for this event please click on the link below:

Soft Market Testing


The WMCA would like to explore current and emerging good practice in their AEB services to facilitate continuous improvement. The purpose of this exercise is to research the market in order to help the WMCA draft and formulate a specification.  This would include looking at delivery models which would maximise opportunities for the WMCA to deliver value for money.  Consequently, the WMCA would like to invite interested organisations to participate in this exercise.

Soft Market Test/ Expression of Interest Process

Step 1 – Interested potential providers are required to complete the following documents:

  1. General Information
  2. Undertaking by Potential Providers; and
  3. Request for Information and upload their completed documents onto the WMCA Bravo Solution Portal.

Link to portal:

Project: project_219 – Adult Education Budget (AEB)

PQQ: pqq_96 – AEB – Market Testing Response Only – NOT EVALUATED

All documents can be found on The Chest.  All questions about procurement should be directed to GMCA via The Chest only.


Tees Valley Combined Authority’ AEB News If you would like to be notified of when our commissioning process opens for applications, please register on the TVCA website here.  By registering, it will ensure you receive details on how to access the secure AEB Portal for the commissioning documents as soon as the commissioning process opens.

Subject to Cabinet approval, the detailed commissioning process for the devolved Adult Education Budget (AEB) is estimated for release in November 2018.  The Tees Valley Combined Authority are mindful that providers will need sufficient notice to compile information required for the submission documents.

In light of this, the Combined Authority have issued below some brief guidance to help you prepare for submission.

The Tees Valley Combined Authority intends to apply the existing ESFA Funding and Performance Management Rules, and Funding Rates and Formula to the devolved Adult Education Budget for Tees Valley in 2019/20.

Application process

Strategic and Economic Impact

You will be asked:-

How your proposed curriculum offer within your delivery plan will meet the Tees Valley Combined Authority’s strategic and economic objectives as outlined in its Strategic Economic Plan, and Education, Employment and Skills Strategy.

To demonstrate how you have analysed the immediate and long-term demand and supply by sector, labour market characteristics and how this relates to your curriculum offer.

To confirm the characteristics of learners, including target groups, any geographical targeting and the outcomes that learners will achieve through your provision.

To describe your capacity, resource and infrastructure required to deliver the plan.

Quality and Performance You will be asked to:-

Demonstrate your performance and track record of delivering AEB to Tees Valley residents.

Confirm your most recent Ofsted grades and outcomes of any Ofsted monitoring visits.

Provide detail of your Self-Assessment and quality improvement processes.

Demonstrate that you have the ability to upload and process ILRs and have an appropriate management information system.

Demonstrate that you have a Business Continuity Plan.


You will be asked to:- Provide details about your organisation’s financial health

Detail any financial risks attached to your delivery plan.

Delivery You must confirm:-

What it is you are intending to deliver directly for any formula and non-formula funded provision, to include provision type, starts and sector subject area.

What you are intending to sub-contract for any formula and non-formula funded provision, to include provision type, starts and sector subject area.

In addition to the published information, once the commissioning process is open, there will be additional provider engagement events.  Details of all events will be published on the website along with any FAQ’s.


Also the Manchester Combined Authority AEB is now out now and the Deadline is out first stage 3rd of December.


Next one up is the  ICO New GDPR guidance published Wednesday published New Guidance about: passwords and encryption under the GDPR.

Also please see


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From November 2018, levy paying employers with an apprenticeship service account will notice a new “Recruitment” link on their account home page. This new link will give the employer direct access to the Recruit an apprentice tool, enabling them to create and post apprenticeship vacancies on Find an apprenticeship and manage applications. Creating a vacancy through Recruit an apprentice is a simple and straightforward process. Once submitted, vacancies are quality checked within 24 hours and are either posted, or returned for amendments and review.


Ok the London GLA AEB is now out and indeed the timelines look good but hey some little items in there to trip you up, take care looking at the SSQ, deadline for Clarifications Wednesday 12 December 2018 at 17:00 Tender Submission Deadline Friday 21 December 2018 at 12:00 noon Tender Evaluation Period Friday 21 December 2018 – Tuesday 23 April 2019 Deadline for submission of revised SSQ due to changes to Consortium members and subcontractors Friday 1 February 2019 SSQ Feedback to Bidders Thursday 28 February 2019 ITT Feedback to Bidders Tuesday 23 April 2019 Standstill Period (10 calendar days) Wednesday 24 April – Friday 3 May 2019 Mobilisation / On boarding June – July 2019 Contract Start 1 August 2019

We have a couple of possible spaces but need to confirm with the team


Pearson has the following this month’s hot topic… New sector update webinars

Covering the latest on current, new and upcoming apprenticeship standards. We have three different sector update webinars available to sign-up for:

Engineering (7 Nov)

Healthcare (21 Nov)

Logisitics (28 Nov)

The webinars are free to join, so you could sign-up for one, two or all of them. They will all take, approximately, an hour and will update you with any relevant information you need to know about the sector in discussion.


Celebration of Women in Apprenticeship Conference, after the success of the 1st women in Apprenticeships conference and requests to repeat: date for your dairy Jan 30th 2019. Your chance to nominate your leading 3 women in the Apprenticeship Sector. All nominated ladies will be offered tickets at £35.00 each to attend instead of normal price of £95.00 plus VAT If you would like to sponsor or a speaker please get in touch


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From me Steve and from all the team have a great week and keep training

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