Will businesses engage or walk away from apprenticeships?

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Dear all

If you are a cleaner or an CEO of a large Training Provider an Assessor or a learner this is a question you need to ask some questions about.

Well Lindsay is asking this question and indeed she has good reason to do so.

Often I watch News-night and Question time and an MP will say we have created x amount of New Jobs which are full time.

Well they have not actually done this, Business, Learners and Training Providers have done this, yes the Government has helped with a subsidy here or there.

I am going to actually cheat here and most of the rest is about the subject, why should you read it well as a business you could end up without the ability to take on an Apprentice when you want, from who you want. A bit harsh I hear you say !! Well some owners of Training providers are looking at other work they can do, also some will go out of business due to either a take over or by a sale.

Lots of local talent will be lost wake up LEPS these people spend 20% of their funds as a recruitment company finding employers an finding learners, in local areas.

I could go on and on with reasons, however you read on then you vote its your chance to say Yes or No, will the government listen who knows not me !!

But not to vote means you have not taken the chance to make a difference either Yes or No

Lindsay tells us Apprenticeships 4 England is proud of its diversity in membership, now in excess of 20,000 members. We have members from all stakeholder groups, large and small, public, private and third sector, provider and employer, government agencies and employer representative bodies as well as individuals with an interest in supporting and promoting growth in successful apprenticeship opportunities, App4england is in a unique position to give a true picture of what impact the apprenticeship reforms will have on Apprenticeships.

Will businesses engage or walk away from apprenticeships?
What will this mean for learners? and what will it mean for training providers, more opportunities or less?.

Some recent articles
Government proposals could sound the death knell for UK apprenticeships

Apprentice funding plans risk wrecking training system
Proposals intended to improve apprenticeships could see small companies abandon the system as they can’t face upfront costs of paying for training

Please take a few minutes to complete the Apprenticeships 4 England Apprenticeship Funding Reform Impact Survey.https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/QPL8DKQ

Only the findings will be made public
This will give a clear picture of the impact the apprenticeship funding reforms will have on your organisations and on learners.

Response to this article:
Employers need to control the funds to make apprenticeships useful

Comment from Matthew Hancock Minister for Skills & Enterprise on twitter
Matt Hancock ‏@matthancockmp Very strong support for our Apprenticeship reforms from employers representing over 500,000 companies of all sizes

The findings of this survey will be used to form the agenda for the Apprenticeships 4 England Apprenticeship Funding Reform conference 25th June Warwick Universityhttps://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/apprenticeships-4-england-the-reform-of-apprenticeships-have-we-got-it-right-tickets-11436395567

Lindsay who put together most of the above has done a great job to wake people up to the situation but many feel it will happen no matter what, well for me two things are clear:

SME Business are the life blood of the Economy.

Apprentices are of great value to the Economy both in terms of what they bring and gain form the Apprentice Framework.

So do we reinvent the wheel or throw it away, do we tinker with it so its now square instead of round. Me I am old but I do want the young people to have a smooth transition and chance to work. You decide its something you do have to think about be you a cleaner or a CEO.

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