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Often I look around me and think what is going on? Well if you do not get involved, you never know. Not that I am nosy, just interested.

Also so many people say Why should I? This is often in terms of reports or information. If I tell them they will know more than me they say. Also they think that asking for a report is checking up on them, why is this well i have no idea but the moment they do not want to tell me I want to know more.

Often people talk about the 100 friends they have on Facebook, yet how many friends do they have many are picked up along the way. You will often see on a Facebook page where the person has been or going and what they like and so much more information. Yet you ask them to tell a group of people about themselves, they go why should I tell them.

Well you let the whole world see all about you yet someone sitting beside you has more chance of helping you if they get to know you.

Well I was out shopping as you do and along the road i came across some storm troopers.

Well a guy was asked would you like your picture taken he said “Why should I”?

As you can see I just said yes please, as you can see, however the girl with the guy said well I am having mine done. She was up next had her photo taken and then was asked if she would like to appear on the cover of their monthly magazine. On top of that they were going to pay her expenses for the day. Now of course i was upset it was not me but not as upset as the guy, who found out they were going to pay her £150.00 for the photo shots.

At a recent event I went to I talked to a man about things in general and he said why should I vote well I thought because lots of people cannot vote, but being polite I said nothing. Latter on I heard him say to another person Why should I pay tax, I have no children and I am never sick.

That was three weeks ago I bumped into a friend of mine and he said you know X well he had a car accident he is in a pretty bad way he has been in hospital for about a week now.

In relation to so many things people do not think it involves them, until the very last minute, often these people say I wish I had known i would have done something about it, or is it just because it now effects them.

So in terms of any information is only as good as how you use it, but if you do not get it you cannot use it.

So to all the Why Should I, why not, then decide.

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