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Wellbeing Services

Lincolnshire County Council

Lincolnshire County Council are undertaking a procurement for the provision of wellbeing services throughout the county. The aim of the Wellbeing Service is to provide a timely support service which enables people to live healthy independent lives and reduce or delay the need to access Adult care and hospital services.

The Council anticipates that the Wellbeing Service will include the following:

assessment of need for preventative services,

generic support consisting of home-based generic support, hospital in-reach, small aids/ adaptations, resettlement from hospital to home, telecare response service and signposting to community support services.

The Council is keen to discuss the scope of the Services with bidders in the dialogue which will form part of the procurement process, and as a result it is possible that the scope and value of the contract may vary. The Council will communicate any such variations to bidders in the interests of transparency and equal treatment.


Deadline: 06/06/2017

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