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The Waterloo Foundation is an independent grant-making Foundation, registered as a charity in January 2007. The Foundation awards grants to organisations in both the UK and worldwide and are most interested in projects that help globally, particularly in the areas of the disparity of wealth and climate-related issues.

The Waterloo Foundation would like to support organisations which help the economically disadvantaged build the basis of sustainable prosperity. It aims to provide funding to developing countries which will be used in a sustainable way with lasting impact, and which avoids promoting a culture of aid-dependency.

At present, through the World Development Programme, the Foundation is supporting three principal themes of work to help achieve this goal which are as follows:

Improving access to high-quality education.
Supporting access to clean drinking water, and improved sanitation and hygiene.
Increasing access to sexual and reproductive health services (for Main Grants only, not Small Grants).


Application Deadline: 17 September 2017

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