Voluntary Community Services Contract

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Voluntary Community Services Contract

London Borough of Enfield

The Authority is seeking expression of interest to appoint suitably qualified and experienced suppliers with proven capability for delivering the various Voluntary Community Services. The London Borough of Enfield (LBE) is duly seeking to provide Voluntary Community Services for the following Voluntary Community Support service delivery outcomes:

  1. Helping People Continue Caring – Outcome 1
  2. Supporting Vulnerable Adults to Remain Healthy- Outcome 2
  3. Supporting people to improve their health and wellbeing and improving self-management -Outcome 3
  4. Helping Vulnerable Adults to have a Voice – Outcome 4
  5. People Recover from illness, Safe Discharge from Hospital- Outcome 5
  6. Increased and Improve Information Provision – Outcome 6

The appointment of the Contractor(s) will be via a two stage OJEU compliant Restricted Tender process (Stage 1 SQ / Stage 2 ITT) to culminate in a contract award. The contracts for the Voluntary Community Services will be divided into 6 Lots.

The Contract will remain in place for a period of 3 years, with the option to extend for a further 4 years in 2 yearly increments.

The Authority will be seeking to award to a contractor that;

  • Has the capacity to perform the contract and benefit locally based services.
  • Has the capability/experience of delivering similar projects.
  • Can demonstrate capability, understanding and experience of appropriate Health and Safety issues.
  • Can demonstrate understanding and commitment to diversity and equality of opportunity.
  • Can demonstrate ability to provide a responsive, proactive and customer focused service.
  • Can deliver Community Benefits – Local Employment Opportunities.

The services outcomes required for the delivery of the services will be made up of the following Lots, 1 to 6. Bidders will have the opportunity to either bid for a single Lot or multiple Lots. Each Lot will then be evaluated separately based on the submitted method statement.


Deadline: 12/07/2017

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