Urban/rural cultural sector engagement and dissemination programme

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Urban/rural cultural sector engagement and dissemination programme

Newcastle University

Creative Fuse North East will unlock the true potential of the creative, digital and tech sectors to drive innovation & growth of the region’s economy. Creative Fuse North East will run until October 2018, and we anticipate this activity will run throughout the duration of delivery. The following broad objectives have been set: The applicant will establish a sector engagement post and, utilising extensive existing networks, host a series of events and activities across the region:

• To inspire, engage and support the involvement of North East cultural SMEs in Creative Fuse North East

• To introduce cultural organisations to the programmes, raising awareness, developing interest and providing connections to opportunities • To act as an enabler in building relationships between cultural organisations and academics

• To help share learning and best practice from the programme across the sector, producing reports and materials for dissemination and open access.

• Dissemination event to showcase innovation processes and models Please note that this work will be delivered across the Creative Fuse partnership working with multi institutions.


Deadline: 20/04/2017

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