Training Needs Analysis: Four key FE and training bodies collaborate on workforce needs

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The recent budget announcement is welcome news for the further education sector. It confirms the central role the government sees for post-16 education and training in growing the UK economy and increasing productivity.

The incremental funding increases will see an additional £500m a year by 2022 (although this is on top of a declining baseline). The funding is part of the introduction of 15 technical routes recommended by the Sainsbury review, the new ‘T-levels’. These will also see an increase in learning hours by 50% to over 900 hours a year, bringing the UK more into line with other top performing countries. Learners will also complete a three-month work placement.

The implementation of new qualifications and the significant increase in teaching capacity needed to meet the new requirements will provide challenges and opportunities for the sector. The Education and Training Foundation will be there to support you to maximise the benefits the new funding can provide.

One of the first pieces of work that we will be undertaking is a cross-sector Workforce Training Needs Analysis for staff in the FE and training sector.

The project will be co-designed by the Education and Training Foundation with the three main representative bodies AoC, AELP and HOLEX. The analysis will engage with staff at every level and will inform discussions with government, devolved authorities, individual training providers, and employers.

You can find out more on our website. We will keep you updated about this, and how you can get involved, in future editions of the newsletter.

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