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Well Linked In asked me to do some items and indeed this one is number 2.

So what is this about, well as I sit on the Board of several companies as a NED, I see many things and often I am called in to deal with problems, in other companies, so it could be simple they want funding, they need Matrix, an independent Audit as they have an Ofsted, or they have a problem.

I was working with an MD who was very positive and said “no problems just Challenges”, to me that is fine, call it what you like its a problem!! Otherwise you would not be trying to sort it out now.

So I have a saying which i say all the time people never hear what I say its this“Fail to Prepare then Prepare to Fail”.

So if it be not having the right CRM system, or right staff then the situation is there and you need to see it coming and get ready. Always its the staffs fault, I think this is wrong, in most cases its the leadership.

So no funding well what a surprise, you must have known you would be running out three months ago, your KPI would have told you that? Oh you do not have a KPI. Ok well then maybe that is the problem, it is a tool to help you see where you are.

Also I have many people say, why do i need to do an EOI, I did one a six months ago? Well your delivery has changed in a year, so keep your track record up to date 5 mins every week saves 3 hours in six months time.

These problems are so common among Training Providers and who can blame them with a SAR to do then a QIP plus a BDP then the EOI and the ITT. On top of that is the Registrar of Training Providers updates, then if doing ESF the Case Study and the reports. So much to do, but in fact you know you need them, so why do you not get someone in to do it. Now I am not looking for work as I have loads to do. There are lots of people out there who know what to do so get one pay out it will be cheaper in the long run.

We do not have the money they say but shove comes to push they will have to pay and many who do not and try to do it themselves fail why?

Well its their company and they do not see the problems, they will always say how well they are doing as they know to say they have problems is a problem in itself.

Recently I was asked to look at a company and they said can you tell us what is wrong as we appear to have drooped on our starts and we cannot get new employers for our apprentices program. I said yes the problem is easy to seeyour brother is running the marketing and is also the person who does the finance and is also doing the allocations.

You trust them fine but you also put to much work on their plate, they will not say anything to you, but at the last week of the month they are doing the wages and claims for the first week of the next month, then they are doing the starts allocations from week three the month before so actually by the end of the second week of the next month, they have lost two weeks of marketing, you have created a downward spiral of activity.

Change the way you work with the person and the workload.

Another person said I am paying this person £26,000.00 and I do not see what I am getting for my money. Well looking at the JD when they started you made them in charge of Observations of staff, Standardisation meetings and the staff appraisals, also IQA and they did around 20 portfolios a week. The company has grown both in terms of the types of qualifications and number of Staff. So now they have to do Observations on 30 staff not 10 they have to do two sets of Standerdisations twice a year and they have 30 Appraisals to do twice a year, and yes they only do 8 portfolios a week.

Time for a change in how you do things look at what you do and how you do it not just what they do. You do the Staff Appraisals the productivity goes up on the IV side and the Assessment and tutoring improves . Plus you keep in touch with staff and get a better understanding of what is going on and get ideas and thoughts on how to improve.

I do not have time they tell me, well you have just spent a day talking to me so you could have done 4 Appraisals, that means 4 more Portfolios looked at.

Also look at things like travel time, invest in an on line system let the IQA do it from home saves on travel time, so set a new target. Plus the SFA want to see more on line technology so two birds with one stone. well its going to cost me money well yes it is you had a target of 1,040 portfolios being seen so if this is three times a year that is 346 learners.

So you take the 8 days for appraisals away from them then they can do some 32 more IV sessions which takes you back up to around 19 a week portfolios tell them working from home you would like 1 hour a day extra to make up the petrol and travel time saving. You should get another 4 portfolios done at no extra cost except for the on line system, which should cost around £60.00 a week extra. Now if your doing the appraisals on 30 people you only need them to improve by £2.00 per week each on productivity and you have paid for the e-learning.

I could go on but I think you get the idea and your probably confused or bored just like me when I sit listening to people who are very cleaver but to close to the Challenges or is it Problems?

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