Claire Pyle

Claire left school to work at the Magistrates court as an administration clerk developing a range of administration skills in a legal environment. The desire to buy a home led Claire to work with Forms Management where she developed information leaflets for HSBC bank and a number of other large corporate clients before leaving to see the world.


After 2 years working her way round the globe Claire couldn’t quite shake the travel bug and joined the airlines as cabin crew and quickly moved into the training team where she supported the development of apprenticeship delivery through National contracting service.


Claire is a qualified Trainer, assessor, internal verifier and now works for City & Guilds as an External Quality Assurer and uses her experiences to support and guide others to excel in their areas of expertise.


Claire has worked at board level in the life-long learning sector since 2004. Claire’s mantra is; ‘Getting government funding is the easy part! Keeping it is where it gets interesting!’


Quality and compliance is critical of any successful business along with the fundamentals of good training, support and IAG at the very heart. Claire likes to work closely with her clients in order to support, guide and to achieve compliant and quality assured systems and back office functionality. As a completer finisher herself she is about crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s.


As an education sector management consultant Claire in addition to being well versed the development of funding via effective bid writing activity (to date has project managed £30m+ from successful wins to her name). Claire has an intrinsic knowledge of the government portals, PICs systems, awarding organisation, and Ofsted requirements. An auditor of both delivery and back office functions.


Claire is family focused, a mum of twins, who snowboards in the winter, dives in the summer and has recently decided that a marathon would be an interesting life challenge.

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