Take A Break for Carers – Round 2

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Take A Break for Carers – Round 2

Borough of Poole

We are re-opening this Approved Supplier List for round 2. Current providers who are already on the list need not reapply (unless they are wishing to add any more services not initially tendered for when this tender was first issued).

This ITT is for a 2nd round of providers wishing to join the current contract. For several years carers have been able to access complimentary therapies, such as reflexology and Indian head massage, in order to take a break and maintain their own health and wellbeing. These have proved popular, so we now want to extend this to include other activities. We hope that this will widen the appeal of the vouchers enabling us to identify more carers and offer them early support. Carers would be given vouchers they can exchange for activities, a bit like a gift voucher scheme. The difference being that the business accepting the vouchers then invoices us for payment after the activity has taken place. This gives carers choice over how they take a break, but also gives businesses the opportunity to be part of a selected group the carers would be directed to.

We are looking for three types of breaks; to continue with the complimentary therapies, but particularly keen to include other types of activity, such as surfing and golf, and to offer short courses such as pilates and yoga. We would create an approved provider list of businesses accepting the vouchers, for carers to select their preferred break provider from.

Value of contract (£) £40,000 – £120,000


Closing date 22 September 2016

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