T levels: when will they be introduced?

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Eventually, students will be able to pick from 25 T-level courses – here are the details on when each will be available.

T levels have dominated the FE discourse since they were first announced in 2017. But for all the announcements, debates and concerns, they won’t actually be introduced for another year.

Just three routes will be available in 2020, with a further 10 to be added in 2021 and 15 more by the end September 2023. Overall, there will be 25 routes to choose from.

tes have gathered the full list of courses – and when they will be introduced.

T levels launch dates

From September 2020:

  • Education and childcare (Education and Childcare route)

  • Design, surveying and planning (Construction route)

  • Digital production, design and development (Digital route)

From September 2021:

  • Health (Health and Science route)

  • Healthcare science (Health and Science route)

  • Science (Health and Science route)

  • On-site construction (Construction route)

  • Building services engineering (Construction route)

  • Digital support and services (Digital route)

  • Digital business services (Digital route)

From September 2022 or September 2023:

  • Design, development and control (Engineering and Manufacturing route)

  • Maintenance, installation and repair (Engineering and Manufacturing route)

  • Manufacturing and process (Engineering and Manufacturing route)

  • Legal (Legal, Finance and Accounting route)

  • Financial (Legal, Finance and Accounting route)

  • Accountancy (Legal, Finance and Accounting route)

  • Animal care and management (Agriculture, Environmental and Animal Care route)

  • Agriculture, land management and production (Agriculture, Environmental and Animal Care route)

  • Management and administration (Business and Administration route)

  • Human resources (Business and Administration route)

  • Hair, beauty and aesthetics (Hair and Beauty route)

  • Craft and design (Creative and Design route)

  • Music, broadcast and production (Creative and Design route)

  • Cultural heritage and visitor attractions (Creative and Design route)

  • Catering (Catering and Hospitality route)


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