Supporting Unpaid Carers

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Supporting Unpaid Carers

Essex County Council

Procurement of a Carers Support Service in Essex, offering flexibility and innovation to meet the expected increase in demand. The new service will deliver the following:
•A single point of contact to ensure that carers have equal access to information, advice, and support across the county.
•Help for carers to build on their own networks of support and promote the development of peer support groups and networks.
•Promote the needs of carers across organisations, communities and employers and supporting the development of carer friendly communities.
•Support for carers to plan for the future, and to develop contingency plans.
•Support carers to navigate the health, social care and welfare benefits systems.
•A programme to identify carers early, particularly in GP and hospital settings.
•Provision of expert advice and support on the range of respite and short break services

Deadline: 06/10/2017

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