Supply of Distance Learning Materials 2016

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Supply of Distance Learning Materials 2016
North East Scotland College

North East Scotland College is seeking a partner to develop and market a range of high quality work-based learning opportunities to employers and individuals. The successful tenderer would work with the college to identify training needs across agreed industry sectors, develop flexible learning materials to meet that need, identify and enrol learners for the available courses.
The services required will include:

1 Identify and recruit clients (i.e. students and employers) in Scotland for the College’s work-based learning programmes or courses. While not restricted, a focus for students from the North East of Scotland would be desired.

2 Supply of learning materials in the form of dedicated paper and/or electronic learning packages, including formative and summative assessment, to cover individual course programmes. Ensuring that course materials are fit for purpose and relevant for working environments in Scotland taking into account all applicable laws in Scotland.

3 Provision to the College of courses with an appropriate awarding body licence or equivalent accreditation, ensuring that the course programmes meet all the requirements of the awarding body/bodies. The successful bidder will be contractually-bound to maintain its awarding body licence or equivalent accreditation for the duration of the contract.

4 Support to identify, secure and brief tutors to support student learning on the above programmes or courses throughout Scotland. Tutors will be sourced from the Colleges approved part time employer agency.

Estimated value excluding VAT: 750 000 GBP

Note: To register your interest in this notice and obtain any additional information please visit the Public Contracts Scotland Web Site at

Deadline: 2.5.2016

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