Structured Problem Solving Training Tender

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Structured Problem Solving Training Tender

Office for National Statistics

The programme of learning required is to provide a community of staff with structured problem solving methodology in 2 concurrent phases.

Firstly, to introduce the methodology to up to 35 managers and leaders from across ONS. Secondly, to work closely with a new Public and Policy Analysis (PPA) strategy and engagement team as they set up to embed the methodology in their working, creating a way of working that reflects an effective and efficient translation of policy issues into statistical and analytical development plans.

On completion of training to up to 35 staff members the Authority intend to review the training, if this is deemed successful and suitable for other staff members the Authority may wish to pick up additional training with the supplier. This could potentially be between 2 and 4 additional cohorts.

Deadline: 24.4.2017


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