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Sportscotland is seeking to draw up a multi supplier framework of suitably qualified individuals or businesses to provide training, learning and development opportunities across a wide range of subject material to sportscotland staff and those of partner organisations (including Scottish governing bodies of sport (SGB’s)) across Scotland.

sportscotland is committed to investing in the development of its employees and recognises how crucial this investment is to its long term success. It is recognised that this investment will help retain key people and skills within the organisation and enhance sportscotland’s reputation as an Investor in People organisation.
By fostering a culture of continuous improvement, sportscotland will maximise employee performance and growth in alignment with the needs of the organisation. It is recognised that to enhance the performance of employees, all learning and development requirements must be targeted in accordance with key organisational initiatives as well as professional and personal development plans.

sportscotland acknowledges its responsibility to help employees meet these challenges by supporting appropriate development for both current roles and/or for future development within the organisation and sport in Scotland.

In addition to its internal focus, sportscotland recognises the skills and expertise of staff of its partner organisations, up to, and including, Board membership level (e.g. of Scottish governing bodies of sport (SGBs)) The support sportscotland offers to these partners can range from workshops and seminars through to self help and the use of specialist advice to address specific issues. Historically sportscotland has provided support for governance/ boards, leadership workshops, business development areas such as policy, communication, risk and planning and reporting at operational and strategic management levels.

Some training will require a specific sports industry and/or sports development focus.

Note: To register your interest in this notice and obtain any additional information please visit the Public Contracts Scotland Web Site at

Deadline: 28/01/2016

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