Sport England’s new Community Asset Fund is open for applications.

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Sport England’s new Community Asset Fund is open for applications.

The funder’s aims are to:

  • Improve and protect existing sports facilities that support the needs of local communities.
  • Invest in new and different places that meet the needs of local communities, which include Sport England’s target audiences.
  • Ensure capital investment reaches organisations that have not been funded by Sport England before.
  • Create a more resilient, sustainable, less grant dependent sport sector.

“We know every project will be different as every community is different. It doesn’t have to be a traditional space – or a traditional sport. For instance, there are thousands of outdoor spaces up and down the country – like canal towpaths, woodlands and open spaces – all with potential to be used and enjoyed as part of an active lifestyle.

“Any organisation with a great idea can apply for our support. You might be:

  • Looking to take over an underused sports facility or one under threat of closure. You might need support to bring a building back into use or need improvements to a recreational space.
  • Wanting to expand or improve the sporting experience you offer your customers. You could be looking to improve a changing room or installing new toilets, heating system or social space.
  • Responding to an emergency or unexpected event that is stopping people from being active. You might need to fix a roof that’s been damaged or repair an area after flood damage.
  • Or simply have a great idea for a project. You might want to make improvements to a building or open space that’s clearly needed in the local community.”

Funding available

The funder expects typical awards to be:

  • Small-scale investments typically ranging from £1,000 to £15,000 to address emergency works due to something like storm or flood damage, or something totally unexpected that is stopping people from being able to stay active right now.
  • Medium-scale investments typically ranging from between £15,000 to £50,000 to address more substantial changes. This might be an upgrade to an existing facility or developing a new space in the community.

Larger investments from £50,000 to £150,000 can be made but will be the exception. For grants of this size, organisations will need to demonstrate a considerable impact or target under-represented groups.

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