Specialist Teacher Training Pilot Buyer: Sport England

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Sport England is seeking to appoint a Provider for the evaluation of the Specialist Teacher Training Pilot.

The Teacher Training Project aims to improve stronger foundations through personal competence, enjoyment and avoiding bad or negative experiences. In Sport England’s strategy, Towards an Active Nation, we commit to offer specialist training in every secondary school in England by 2020. In October 2017, Sport England’s Board approved a 13.5m budget for the Teacher Training Project between 2018-2021.
The Teacher training forms part of the offer that will lead to an increase in the percentage of young people, aged 11 to 18, who have a positive attitude towards sport and physical activity. Specifically, the aims of the teacher training include:
– building the confidence of young people to take part in physical activity irrespective of ability,
– increasing young people’s enjoyment of taking part in physical activity, and
– avoiding negative experiences linked to taking part in physical activity and playing sport.


Deadline: 15/06/2018

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