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SkillsHouse New Delivery Partners

Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Following the opening of The Broadway Bradford, SkillsHouse has established itself as the supplier of choice for many of The Broadway tenants and other Retail and Hospitality Employers across Bradford District. From January to December 2016 SkillsHouse has trained an additional 400 people, during the same period over 425 people have gained employment through the SkillsHouse. Since the SkillsHouse opened over 760 people have gained employment.

To support this service provision SkillsHouse works with providers that can deliver the wide range of skills support that employers and individuals may require. The partnership is therefore made up of as many providers as can ensure the delivery of the diverse requirements.

This tender seeks to extend this partnership to allow further flexibilities in delivery and ensure employer needs are met. It should be noted that there is no minimum level of referrals, and there is no guarantee that every provider in the partnership will receive a referral for delivery.

The partnership arrangements will be reviewed regularly, to ensure that available provision continues to meet the overall needs. Performance monitoring is undertaken to maintain high delivery standards, and to address both OFSTED and NSAR requirements.

Deadline: 13/02/2017

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