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Shared Lives Service
Wolverhampton City Council
‘Shared Lives’ is non-residential / nursing care, delivered in the community, sharing the home of a ‘Shared Lives’ Carer.

Shared Lives supports people over the age of 18 who following an assessment of need require long term support and accommodation, this support is delivered in a highly bespoke way.

Providers are required to; as prescribed by the Care Quality Commission under their Fundamental Standards.
-Recruit, select and manage appropriate staff to develop and deliver the Wolverhampton Shared Lives Scheme
-Recruit carers and ensure they are appropriately trained and supported to acquire the skills to become and appropriately skilled Shared Lives Carer
-Carry out a full assessment to ensure suitability to become and Shared Lives Carer
-Ensure compatibility between the customer and the Shared Lives Carer
-Ensure all Shared Lives Carers are adequately trained to perform their duties to the required standard.

Deadline: 21/08/2017

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