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Opening of register of apprentice training providers: update

In August, we launched the above proposal for the new register of apprenticeship training providers to invite your feedback. Our proposals stated we planned to open the register for applications on Monday, 3 October.

In order to make changes to the register proposals and finalise the approach, reflecting your comments and feedback, the opening of the new register will be delayed. We will announce the revised timetable shortly.

Register of training organisations opens 30/9 closes 14/10/16 – this opening is not a refresh

What is new

The Public Contract Regulations 2015 came into effect in February 2015, therefore we have updated our process to ensure that it complies with the Regulations and that we continue to deliver a simple and consistent approach to supplier selection.

  • we have widened the remit of the Register in order to reduce the number of pre-qualification questionnaires that organisations are required to complete depending on their interests
  • we have introduced a financial health assessment toolkit to guide organisations through thefinancial health assessment
  • we have updated the pre-qualification process: for organisations that are not interested in tendering, we have reduced the number of questions they are required to complete
  • for organisations that want to tender, our updated questions help you understand what is required to have a contract with the SFA

What is the register?

 The register of training organisations is the SFA’s only market entry point for organisations that intend to:
  • deliver education and training services
  • deliver information, advice and guidance, which may include delivery for the National Careers Service
  • develop services (replacing the service developer framework)
  • operate in our supply chain as a subcontractor with an aggregated contract value of £100,000 or more (only for subcontractors delivering education and training services)

Organisations must complete our market entry pre-qualification process in order to enter the register, which is open at select points during the year.

Market entry pre-qualification process guidance

 The pre-qualification process includes due diligence questions and capacity and capability questions which are available to complete at the same time.

  • the due diligence questions collect important details about your organisation, test compliance with the Public Contract Regulations 2015 and financially assess your organisation to determine if you are financially robust
  • the capacity and capability questions help you understand what is required to have a contract with the SFA; this includes specific questions that relate to the areas you are interested in tendering for

You must complete the due diligence questions if you want to enter the Register. If you want to be invited to tender when opportunities become available, you must complete the capacity and capability questions.

Lead providers for the delivery of education and training must complete the capacity and capability questions if they want to apply for growth in the future.

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