Second Round of North Sea Region Funding (UK)

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Second Round of North Sea Region Funding (UK)
The North Sea Region Programme 2014 – 2020 is accepting applications for the second round of funding until midnight on 14th March 2016.
Partnerships made up of at least two beneficiaries from the programme area (Norway and Denmark, eastern parts of the United Kingdom, the Flemish Region of Belgium, northwest Germany, north and west Netherlands, south western Sweden) can apply for up to 50% of a project’s cost. UK local, regional and national authorities, NGOs, research institutions, universities and private partners can apply for funding that meet the four priorities of the programme. These are:
• Supporting growth in North Sea Region economies
• Eco-innovation
• Protecting against climate change and preserving the environment
• Promoting green transport and mobility.
A new two-step application procedure has been put in place which means that all project developers now have to submit an expression of interest first. If the programme’s Steering Committee approves the expression of interest, applicants will be asked to develop and submit a full application.

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