SCC LP Surrey Leadership Offer

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SCC LP Surrey Leadership Offer

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Surrey County Council is refreshing its leadership offer. As such, we would like providers to submit their bids for ideas on how to deliver each of the topic areas specified below. We welcome blended learning approaches which are innovative, self-directed and make use of digital solutions.

Leadership levels:
At the council we have identified three leadership levels for the leadership offer, in your submission please consider these and clearly articulate the different approach for each level, they are:

1. Early/new leaders – this may be established team leaders and supervisors who want to develop leadership capability or they may be new to leadership and management altogether

2. Day to Day leaders – this group is often referred to as our operational leadership group. This is made up of assistant team manager and team managers who manage large frontline or technical teams

3. Strategic leaders – this level is for senior leaders, heads of service and organisational leaders who set the direction of the organisation.

Please view the documentation for a full description of the requirement


Deadline: 14/08/2017

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