The Register is the SFA’s market-entry point for organisations intending to deliver education and vocations skills training services. The Register of Training Organisations (ROTO) has been refreshed, meaning any training provider that has a direct contract with the SFA or any subcontractor that has, will have or wishes to have an aggregate contract exceeding £100,000 must be registered to access funding.

Because the SFA are a major commissioner in the new ESF programme, it is important for all providers to get on to the register. The SFA will be commissioning a wide range of ESF activity and funding streams will include Apprenticeships, Adult Skills Budget, ESF Skills Support for the Workforce, Unemployed & Redundancy, Traineeships, Community Learning, Offender Learning and 24+ Loans

The Skills Funding Agency has updated its processes following new procurement legislation. The prequalification process will now cover the delivery of education and training services, delivery of information advice and guidance for the National Careers Service and the development of services.

The process is more detailed than in previous rounds. EEVT have a very high success rate in ROTO applications and can provide you with support throughout the whole process, ensuring the capabilities of your organisation are represented accurately and you have the best possible change of success, including access to Quality / Compliance specialists and financial health checks by qualified accountants.

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