Reviewing Post-16 Education and Training Establishments in England Support for the Area Review process

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Reviewing Post-16 Education and Training Establishments in England Support for the Area Review process
As set out in the Governments policy document “Reviewing post 16 education” the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and the Department for Education (DfE) is currently overseeing the review of all FE and Six Form Colleges in England. BIS and DfE are separate Government Departments, reporting ultimately to their respective Ministers who are accountable to Parliament. The reviews themselves are locally steered reviews, overseen by the FE Commissioner and the Sixth Form College Commissioner, and carried out by FE Advisors. Support is provided via JARDU (Joint Area Review Delivery Unit with staff from BIS, DfE, and the Skills and Education Funding Agencies). The reviews report to a local Area Review Steering Group comprising typically of College Principals and Governors, Local Economic Partnerships (LEPs), the Regional Schools Commissioner and the local authority.

It is the responsibility of the Steering Group to agree and implement review recommendations. So far 3 of 5 “Waves” of reviews have either been completed or are under way. Waves 4 and 5 are due to start in September and November 2016 and comprise of 15 reviews involving 118 colleges. We need additional resources to undertake some of the Wave 4 and 5 reviews.

The contract involves contributing to a total of 4 reviews involving 38 colleges, divided into four Lots plus a fifth Lot to provide the FE Commissioner’s team with additional capacity. The requirement could be delivered with one contractor managing the overall delivery, working with sub-contractors. Alternatively, delivery could be based on individual contract arrangements. Tenderers are therefore invited to bid for one or more Lots.

We aim to appoint one successful supplier per Lot;
• Lot 1; North East Area Review
• Lot 2; Lancashire Area Review
• Lot 3; Norfolk and Suffolk Area Review
• Lot 4; Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scily
• Lot 5; Support for the FE Commissioner and the wider restructuring programme, in securing best vfm

Deadline: 19/08/2016

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