RETENDER Provision of Youth Services

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RETENDER Provision of Youth Services

London Borough of Bexley

Retender of 4675 Lots 1& 3

The Council is looking for an organisation or consortia of organisations, with a single organisation taking on the role of consortium lead, to provide one or both services covering,

Counselling, mentoring and support for young people at risk of school exclusion/experienced domestic abuse

Targeted informal education accredited programmes

The revolutionary redesign of preventative services for children’s services  in Bexley sees the Council prioritising additional help for families both before they reach the point of statutory intervention and also at the point of crisis where a case is formally open to the social work service and a child or children are at risk of becoming looked after. In order to deliver this revised service effectively, changes and restructuring of commissioned children’s services in the borough is necessary.

These services  will be integral to and support a family wellbeing service offered to families where there is known violence, mental ill health, substance misuse or a child at risk of or already excluded from school.

Contract period

The contract is for a period of 3 years from 14th November  2016 – 13th November  2019 with the option to extend for a further 2 period of up to 12 months each.  Potential length of contract is 5 years

Contract value

The estimated value of the contract is £100,000 per annum.

Deadline: 23/09/2016

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