Request for an external Shared Lives provider

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Request for an external Shared Lives provider

Birmingham City Council

Birmingham City Council is looking to expand its Shared Lives service and increase significantly the uptake of Shared Lives placements. We currently have an in house service provider but recognise that working with an external provider as well as our internal service will increase the number of shared lives placements.

We need a service that offers both long term and respite placements and is available to a people with learning disabilities, transitions/care leavers, people with Mental Health needs, older people/people with early stages of dementia.

The provider will be required to:-

• Recruit, select and manage staff to develop and deliver the shared lives scheme in accordance with regulations
• Recruit appropriately skilled and experienced Shared Lives Carers
• Ensure compatibility between the service users and the shared lives carer
• Ensure carers are adequately trained to perform their duties to the required standard
• Provide the carer with appropriate support and guidance
• Provide service users with appropriate information about the scheme and his/her rights and responsibilities
• Promote their service within the Council to generate appropriate referrals


Deadline: 01/09/2017

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