Provision of Safeguarding Training

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Provision of Safeguarding Training

City and County of Swansea

Safeguarding children and adults at risk of abuse or neglect is everyone’s responsibility. The Local Authority has a lead role and statutory duty to make enquiries if it has reasonable cause to suspect that an adult may be at risk of abuse or neglect. Under the Social Services and Wellbeing Act 2014, and under the current Wales Interim Policy and Procedures for the Protection of Vulnerable Adults from Abuse (2nd ed, 2013), there are expectations that staff working within partner agencies have an ethical and professional duty of care to act if they witness abuse, receive information about abuse, suspected abuse or concerns about the care or treatment of an adult at risk, or have concerns or suspicions about possible abuse or inappropriate care.

In order to contribute towards achieving these aims, the Local Authority must ensure that a full and robust programme of training relating to Safeguarding is available to its staff, and partners within other statutory agencies, the independent and third sectors. As part of this full programme, a supplier is required to deliver training to support individuals who will have a key role in either the coordination and management of non-criminal investigations under the relevant legislation, policy or procedures, or those who are designated to carry out an investigative role.

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Deadline: 30-06-2017



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