Provision of Apprenticeship Training Services across England

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Provision of Apprenticeship Training Services across England

NHS Shared Business Services

NHS Shared Business Services is establishing a framework agreement for the provision of Apprenticeship Training Services to Public Bodies who pay the Apprenticeship Levy.

Apprenticeship Training Services means the provision of Apprenticeship Frameworks and Apprenticeship Standards.

NHS Shared Business Services (SBS) wishes to establish a Framework Agreement (acting on behalf of its clients) for use by the following UK bodies (and any future successors to these organisations) subject to the approval of NHS SBS:
Public sector bodies, including any statutory and other successor organisations to any of the foregoing and in addition any other commissioners (whether alone or jointly with any other organisation), providers and regulators of NHS funded (either in whole or in part) services including practice based commissioning consortia, general practice commissioning consortia, the National Commissioning Board (and all sub national offices including any body obtaining new membership to NHS Shared Business Services Ltd).

Deadline: 13/04/2017

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