Provision of Apprentices and Apprentice Scheme

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Provision of Apprentices and Apprentice Scheme


NICE requires 6 common sets of roles in differing volumes and these roles will be of broad compositions as standard, a 7th role will be of variable composition dependant on the needs of NICE and will be bespoke for each role identified.


Lot Apprentice type
1 Business Administration
2 Communications
3 Finance
4 IT and Digital Services
5 Leadership and Management
6 Project Management
7 Other (Accounting for new standards in development)

In view of the geographical spread of NICE, suppliers will be asked to provide coverage over 2 areas in Central Manchester and Central London. All bidders will automatically be included in Lot 7 ‘Other’ Apprenticeships if indicated within the proposal, so as to ensure NICE has access to the best suppliers to meet all needs.

In addition to the provision of the Apprenticeship training, the supplier will be expected to carry out sourcing of suitable, eligible candidates for the Apprenticeships on behalf of NICE with a view to supply NICE with a shortlist of candidates for interview.

Suppliers are invited to tender for any combination of Lots. Each Lot will be individually assessed and a single supplier appointed to each of 1 to 6 Lots for each region.

Lot 7 will be subject to further competition although it is envisaged that NICE will run a single call off competition for Apprenticeship needs and award to a single supplier for each unique apprentice type NICE may have.

Interested parties should submit an expression of interest (EoI) not later than 13th June 2017 to

Bidders who submit a proposal and have not sent an EoI by the above deadline date and time shall not be considered.

Proposals should be submitted electronically no later than 12 Noon UK time on 11th July 2017 to

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