Provide Continuous Professional Development Training Services

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Provide Continuous Professional Development Training Services

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

Oxleas NHS FT invites you to participate in this request for quote (RFQ) to procure Administration Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Training Services. We seek to procure various suitably qualified and competent training and development provider(s) to deliver CPD training programmes for administrative staff based on the service specification requirements.

Lot 1: Administrative Essentials at work
• Minute Taking, Proof Reading & Grammar at work
• Essential Administration Skills

Lot 2: Conflict Management
• De-escalation & Conflict Resolution

Lot 3: Personnel Effectiveness at work
• Supporting a team successfully
• Reaching your ultimate potential
• Providing administrative support for projects
• Working for more than one boss

Additional information can be obtained from

Closing date 11 May 2017

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