Prior Information Notice – Provision of Training & Development in Research Management for Researchers and Managers in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Prior Information Notice – Provision of Training & Development in Research Management for Researchers and Managers in Sub-Saharan Africa

University of Southampton


The Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) Research Councils UK (RCUK) Collective Fund’s \”Growing Research Capability to Meet the Challenges Faced by Developing Countries\” programme is ‘one of the most ambitious international research programmes created; with £225 million being invested across 37 interdisciplinary projects’ to address a range of world problems. The GCRF supports strategic programmes that aim to grow research capability which meets the challenges faced by developing countries. 

The University of Southampton was awarded funding for a programme encompassing a range of activities including capacity and capability strengthening, partnership building and research. The programme, ‘Building REsearch Capacity for sustainable water and food security in drylands of sub-Saharan Africa (BRECcIA) is proud to be part of this innovative research cohort.

The overall aim of BRECcIA is to develop research capacity and strengthen existing research capabilities in three sub-Saharan countries (Kenya, Malawi, and Ghana) in the related areas of water and food security.

Working in close collaboration with the BRECcIA team, the partnering organisation will be critical to achieving the key elements of capability and capacity building aims of the grant; with the specific focus on assessment and capacity building in the area of research and innovation management. 

* Activities affected by procurement: Work package 3 is critical to the aims of the GCRF and spans all aspects of the BRECcIA programme including: research staff (from early career to Principal Investigator); key stakeholders in the field of water and food security; information flows between project partners; and future developments including policy formation, sustainable regional/community responses to water and food issues, and a specialised network of researchers and practitioners, as well as a research development framework for other institutions and programmes to use.

* Definition of research and innovation management: Research management in this context does not include the technical skills of academics participating in the project i.e. research methods or the researcher development or generic management/leadership skills-set, rather it refers to the management of research more broadly, including:

a) bidding for funding
b) research budget/grant and project management aspects
c) research integrity and ethics (responsible research innovation)
d) the commercialisation of research
e) The structural support (including planning, strategic and operational structures) required within institutions and departments to deliver excellent research management, innovation, commercialisation of research as well as facilitating the delivery of research outcomes.


Deadline: 23/02/2018

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