Preferred Partner Register for New Applicants January 2017

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Preferred Partner Register for New Applicants January 2017

Cambridge Regional College periodically invites suppliers to apply to join its register of Preferred Partners to deliver qualifications and/or programmes eligible for funding on behalf of the College. Suppliers are invited to apply only when the register is open for new applications.

The register is now open for new applicants and the deadline date for new applicants to complete and return the Partner Selection Questionnaire is 12 noon on the 31st January 2017.

To become a Preferred Partner and be awarded a contract(s) there are two phases to the process:

Phase 1 – Partner Selection Questionnaire: This questionnaire goes into depth in terms of questions and information which is needed to support answers. A financial health check will also be carried out. If you pass this stage then you will be officially on the College Preferred Partner Register. You will periodically be asked to provide updated information and have financial health checks carried out in order to remain on the register.

Phase 2 – Tender Submission Document: Only those on the Preferred Partner Register will be invited to submit a tender for a specific requirement or lot.

Suppliers who are successful with their application to join the College register are not guaranteed that they will be awarded a contract however as stated above they will be given the opportunity to tender as and when sub-contracting training opportunities arise. Please note only suppliers on the College register at the time of the tender will be invited to participate.

If you are successful at Phase 1 then you will be invited to participate in a tender as and when opportunities arise.

If you are already on the College Preferred Partner Register you do not need to reapply as you will be asked to update your existing registration details on an annual basis separately.

From May 2017 future invitations to tender will not include apprenticeships delivery.

In addition providers on the register must now be able to deliver 70% of their activity within the East of England and London in the event they are successful with future tenders.

Date documents can be requested until: 27 January 2017

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