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Essex Teacher Training is seeking to commission a HE partner to deliver and quality assure a Post Graduate programme to include a PGCE during the ITT training year, possibly with 30 additional Level 7 credits and a clear progression route during the NQT and RQT years, with the option to complete a full Masters in Education. Essex Education Service (EES) Training would particularly welcome proposals that include partnership working including accreditation / joint delivery of CPD modules and integration into our existing development plans.
EES for Schools / Essex Teacher Training will be responsible for the following:
— Training to support the award of QTS;
— Organisation of trainees into cohorts;
— Scheduling the programme and booking of training venues in various locations across the county;
— Quality Assurance of SCITT and School direct partners with respect to the award of QTS;
— Promoting NQT and RQT development opportunities through our CPD portal.

Prospective bidders would be strongly advised to consider the scalability of the programme, should the buy in from trainees be particularly high, and the viability of small numbers. The consideration of a combined primary and secondary training programme / route and blended learning solutions may be worthwhile.

Essex Teacher Training requires an arrangement that will enable trainees to achieve a minimum of 60 credits at Level 7 and / or a PGCE for each academic year from September 2016, with the opportunity to complete a full Masters Degree during the early stage of their teaching career. Precise details will depend on individual University recommendations but it is our expectation that they would include a focus on pedagogy, action research and preparation for further study along with an RPL element

Estimated value excluding VAT: 510 000 GBP

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