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Ourmala is looking for three new trustees to join their board. They have seven trustees in total, with a diversity of skills and experience from cross-sector backgrounds. All are fully committed to Ourmala’s charitable aim, vision, mission and approach. They hold quarterly board meetings as well as the AGM and trustees are expected to attend all. Ourmala is a young and developing charity and trustees all give pro bono expertise in addition to their time at board meetings.

Interested? To apply, please make sure you have:

at least two attributes from any one of the the skills and experience sections below
read all about Ourmala on www.ourmala.com
read guidance from the Charity Commission (The Essential Trustee and The Trustee Handbook)

Skills and experience

Voluntary Sector organisations, managing services and experience as a trustee of a small or medium-sized charity, experience working with refugees and asylum-seekers directly, strategy and organisational development consultancy, understanding of the political context at local and national policy levels in which Ourmala works and how this affects our service users.
Corporate insight, CSR, cross-sector partnerships, communications and marketing, strategy thinking and project management, creative and conceptual thinking in the area of organisational and business development, Commercial social enterprise, branding, ethical business development.

How to apply:
Write to Danielle@ourmala.com by 31 January 2016, outlining why you are interested in become a trustee. They will be in touch with everyone who is interested and are aiming to select new trustees at their next quarterly board meeting.

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