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OCVA (Oxfordshire Community & Voluntary Action) has launched its first fully-online training course to demonstrate how to use to publish websites.
The organisation has been prompted to run the course as it believes much of the online advice about WordPress is about the .org version. This course will focus on the .com version which is scalable and, it says, highly suitable for the charity sector.

OCVA has selected to focus on for these reasons:
There’s no need to install or maintain anything (unlike with
It’s free to build a simple site with a lot of the functionality non-profit and voluntary groups will need
It can be upgraded as the site grows or budgets allow at any time
There’s no need to code anything or write any HTML or CSS
Only average IT ability is required
The back-end code it produces is comparatively ‘clean’ and this makes compliance with accessibility law easier

Online training
The online course will outline how to use WordPress.Com to publish web content for non-profit or voluntary groups and is aimed at those who are new or almost new to building websites but feel ready to take on that task, and/or new to
By the end of this course students will be able to:
Identify different approaches to a web project plan
Explain key aspects in planning a web project around what “success” will mean for users through a tried and tested five-step method
Start using
Explain how responsive design templates work and why to use them
Employ some best practice for usability, accessibility and EU legal compliance

To find out more about the course and trainer go to

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