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On Track Thurrock

Thurrock Council

On Track Programme will provide bespoke course(s) for young people aged between 15-29 years, addressing unemployment in Thurrock and reducing the number of young people not in employment, education or training (NEET).

There are 20 lots under this procurement:

  1. Personal Development
  2. Basic Skills
  3. Word Readiness
  4. Sector Specific Practical Training
  5. Logistic
  6. Customer Service
  7. Creative and Cultural
  8. ICT and Technical
  9. Construction and Engineering
  10. Enterprise, Entrepreneurship & Business Administration
  11. Health and Social
  12. Land Based
  13. Sector Specific Formal Training
  14. Logistic
  15. Customer Service
  16. Creative and Cultural
  17. ICT and Technical
  18. Construction and Engineering
  19. Enterprise, Entrepreneurship & Business Administration
  20. Health and Social
  21. Land Based


  1. Ad-Hoc Support/Training

Value of contract £100k – £500


Deadline: 07/07/2017

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