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Dear Members


As we all know what the EU referendum will be based on and for me it’s about ESF funding for training or is that to narrow a view point.  Your thoughts are welcome? We have lots of new members this week so welcome to you all.  Many thanks for this week’s Bids, Grants and Funds from EEVT Ltd (EEVT).   With thanks to SLIC International Ltd. This week’s bids attachment has some 40 pages this week.  Also half term is over so back to lots of traffic jams. We go out to over 4,000 organisations and decision makers. To get your copy e-mail

Stanmore College, which was led by Ms Mace until December, has been placed in placed into administered status.


Also lots of people contacted me over VAT and 24 plus loans this week and what are the rules around this.  Well everyone appears to be talking to HMRC about it.  As I see it Education, vocational training and other connected services provided by an eligible body like a school, college or university are exempt. The question is are you a school, college or university.


On a very sad note Xiscad Training Ltd it is going into liquidation.


If your interest is in Domiciliary Care or Health and Social Care then a new organisation in this area will have a focus on what they do next week.


Hackney Community College and Tower Hamlets College are now set to merge in August.  I have three organisations looking to place learners as they have apprentices and traineeships so any Prime with Capacity please let me know.


I have two organisations looking to buy Training Providers Prime or sub-contracting must be doing over £300, 0000.00 Turnover.

Pearson’s have trailblazer workshops planed for up and down the country.Also Pearson’s would like your thoughts and Have your say on new customer service apprenticeship standards Instructus Skills have been commissioned by the Trailblazer group for customer service to conduct a consultation on the standards developed for the role of customer service specialist go to


This week I will be at the Voice of Apprentice’s Conference on Thursday and Friday.  Monday off to Sidcup in Kent, Tuesday over in Leyton.  I know what you’re saying what is he doing on Wednesday well I will be working on ROTO applications with the Team.


Ok as we all know I often say things which are a bit out spoken this week it is about the SFA, the trouble is of course this may be not a wise move however one not known for their ability to say nothing I say the following:


Why SFA do you announce one of the most crucial bids at a time when ROTO is open so people cannot go for it?  Oh I see the last time you did it with ROTO was when the 24 Plus loans bids were out so it worked then so why not do it now?


Well SFA this is a very important bid about END assessment which will affect 95% of all training providers I think they all should at least be able to read the bid if not even wishing to go for it.


Also in terms of the OPEN PROCUREMENT we could end up seeing people who have no understanding of the vocational areas coming in to end asses specialist provision and indeed self-certification disappear along with this the finance changes this could put even more people out of business awaiting on assessment’s to take place.


The Skills Funding Agency (SFA) will reduce funding rates for the level three ‘IT, Software Web and Telecom Professionals’ apprenticeship framework by around £2,000 from April 1


The agency warned in its Update bulletin this afternoon that it would be reducing the funding values for the Level 3 competence qualification. The rate for the competence qualification published by the SFA will fall from £8,673 to £6,650, a 23 per cent reduction. For a fully-funded 16-18 year-old learner, this would equate to a fall from £9,299 to £7,131, a cut of £2,169.


We like to both let people know about organisations and also promote them this week: The Youth Hub a central hub connecting teens, young adults, employers, apprenticeships providers, training providers and charities to each other. At The Youth Hub we have a passion and focus to inspire the youth of today by helping them gain employment, discovering their talents, ambition and following their dreams. We aim to provide support and to help some of our most deprived areas across the UK. We want to make those deprived areas a better place for the youth and a more inspiring place to live in. To make this happen we work alongside our clients to help some of the most deprived communities across the UK by donating or setting up projects to help re-build communities. We are extremely diverse and we not only just work with employers but we also provide support and a service to welfare to work providers, the job centre and recruitment agencies.

30% of any recruitment fees from permanent, part time & fixed term roles that we receive will either get donated to community projects within the employer’s local community or will get donated to a charity of the employer’s choice.


  • We provide recruitment to employers looking to fill Full time, part time and apprenticeship roles
  • We provide a referral service to colleges and training providers
  • We provide consultation services for Job centres and welfare to work providers including, motivational speeches, CV advice, interview advice and practice for jobseekers
  • We let welfare to work providers again access to our vacancies and let their clients apply for our roles.


We provide a free consultation advice service to jobseekers aged between 16-30 who are either unemployed or currently working.

  • Helping and assisting jobseekers to find jobs that is suitable and realistic.
  • Understanding our customer’s ambition and dreams providing motivational, open and honest advice.


Our aim is to motivate and inspire the youth within their local community.

  • Donating funds and setting up projects for youth centres within council estates and other deprived areas.
  • Donating to local charities within deprived communities.

For more information Contact Rehnell Blackett Founder & Director I The Youth Hub

T: 0203 283 8616 E: W:

Also I would like to thank Richard Rowley for his help and assistance with time Richard from NO Offence works very hard to keep everyone up to date.


FE WEEK also ran a very strange story this week

 One of the largest providers of apprenticeships has asked the Skills Funding Agency for permission to give cashback to employers, prompting the agency to say it would have “grave concerns” about any such arrangement.

In an email about Trailblazer funding, dated 22 December and released to FE Week following an FoI request, JTL Training asked the funding agency if it could offer “free training vouchers, tools or bank credit” to certain employers.

The payments from the provider, which has an SFA allocation of £17.3m for 2015/16, would be “completion grants from its charitable reserves” to employers that it said would be “treated adversely under the new funding arrangements”, the email from JTL chief executive Jon Graham said.

In a reply dated 14 January, the SFA said: “It is a core principle of the apprenticeship programme that it is co-funded between government and employers.

“We would have grave concerns about any grants not going with the grain of government policy.”

However, the email suggested that the agency’s powers to enforce this principle were limited. The information given was intended to “clarify the position on the funding rules”, it said. “We will not offer advice on what are clearly your commercial decisions,” it continued.

Under funding rules for the new Trailblazer apprenticeships, each standard is allocated one of five government funding caps (six from 2016/17).

The government will pay two thirds of the cost of delivering the standard up to the cap, with employers expected to contribute the remaining third. Employers can claim one or more incentive payments on offer from the government: a 16 to 18 apprentice payment, a small employer incentive and a completion incentive.


JTL Training, which was rated good across the board at its last Ofsted inspection in December 2012, runs apprenticeships and traineeships in the electrical, plumbing, heating and ventilating, and electrical maintenance sectors.


Also this week Pearson sent out a very handy item for us all to keep close at hand.

Funding agencies SFA: A full round up of the key funding documents for 2016/17
This week we have rounded up the important documents published by the SFA on the new Adult Education Budget. This will shortly be available as a 
Funding Focus along with other documents explaining particular aspects of the new funding system.

Document or collection
(webpage and direct link)
What it covers

Document: Skills funding letter: April 2016 to March 2017

Skills Funding Letter: 2016 to 2017 (15 December 2015) Sets the scene for the changes by setting out the funding priorities and available budget for the further education and skills sector for the 2016 to 2017 financial year.

Document: SFA: changes to the adult education budget for 2016 to 2017

Adult education budget: changing context and arrangements for 2016 to 2017(28 January 2016) Summarises the changes the SFA plans to make to the adult skills system with the creation of the education budget following the publication of the Skills Funding Letter.A key document outlining the changes being made including the move to devolution and that the SFA will identify qualifications for 1) 19-23 level 2 and 3 entitlement funding, and 19+ English and maths entitlement funding, 2) 19+ level 3 loan funding, and 3) 19+ entry to level 2 local flexibility funding.

Collection: SFA funding rules 2016/17

Use these documents if you are delivering a single programme, such as Adult Education Budget (AEB).

Combined rules for Adult Education Budget (28 January 2016)
Combined rules for apprenticeship frameworks (28 January 2016)
Combined rules for apprenticeship standards (28 January 2016)

Collection: SFA funding rules 2016/17

Or use these document links to build your own set of rules for the various programmes you deliver.

Skills Funding Agency: common funding rules (28 January 2016)
Apprenticeships: common funding rules (28 January 2016)
Apprenticeship framework funding rules (28 January 2016)
Apprenticeship standards funding rules (28 January 2016)
Adult education budget funding rules (28 January 2016)
Advanced learner loans funding rules (28 January 2016)
SFA funding rules 2016 to 2017: summary of changes (28 January 2016)

Document: SFA: funding rates and formula – 2016 to 2017

SFA: funding rates and formula 2016 to 2017 (28 January 2016) How to calculate funding for formula-funded provision. No huge change but explains the change to the way funding rates will be determined for new qualifications and the introduction of the new Single Activity Matrix (SAM).

Collection: Qualifications: eligibility for public funding

The policy and processes the Skills Funding Agency uses to make qualifications eligible for public funding, and links to the latest catalogues.

Qualification Eligibility Principles – 2016 to 2017 (15 February) To support local area needs and delivery of agreed local outcomes, colleges and other training organisations will decide on the most appropriate form of training provision. This may or may not include qualifications.

The SFA have therefore removed the requirement for all delivery they fund to be in the form of a qualification. They only require a qualification to be delivered where a learner is exercising their legal entitlement to a first full level 2 or 3 and/or English and maths.

Summarises how the SFA will make qualifications and units eligible for delivery as part of local flexibility. Awarding organisations will not have to make submissions for qualifications to be made eligible; the SFA will apply six principles to identify the qualifications they fund.

Bespoke, locally-designed or tailored training will also need to be subject to eligibility requirements beyond those in the Funding Rules. The SFA will say more about this when they update the Funding Rules in March.

Process: the six eligibility principles will be applied to all qualifications and these will be added to the hub in April. The SFA will also start a monthly eligibility process to add new qualifications to the hub. Components of qualifications will be added on a quarterly basis.

The Legal Entitlements for 2016 to 2017 (10 February) Explains how qualifications that can be delivered as 19-23 level 2 and 3, and 19+ English and maths legal entitlements for 2016 to 2017 will be identified.

It accompanies the initial list of qualifications which can be delivered as part of the 19-23 level 2 and 3 and the 19+ English and maths legal entitlements (see links to the lists below).
It also explains the consultation process for the 19-23 level 2 and 3 legal entitlement list:

Between now and 29 February the SFA are running a consultation for awarding organisations and providers to notify the SFA of any missing qualifications that could be delivered within the 19-23 level 2 and 3 entitlement. The SFA will consider adding these to the list.

Please do check the list and contact us (on or use the forms below to contact the SFA directly if you have 19-23 year-olds wishing to undertake a qualification as part of their entitlement which is not on the list.

In March, after a consultation with colleges, other training organisations and awarding organisations, the SFA will update this document and will publish a final list of qualifications that can be delivered as part of the entitlements.

Process: the SFA will agree the process for adding new qualifications to the entitlement lists with the DfE and confirm this when they update this document in March.

List of qualifications at level 2 and 3 in the legal entitlements(10 February) The initial list of qualifications which can be delivered as 19-23 level 2 and 3 legal entitlement (see consultation process above).
Notification form for consultation on entitlement list(10 February) Notification form to use to request the SFA consider adding level 2 and 3 qualifications to the 19-23 entitlement list.
List of qualifications in English and maths in the legal entitlements (10 February) The initial list of qualifications which can be delivered as 19+ English and maths legal entitlement.
Collection: Designating qualifications for advanced learner loans
The policy and processes the SFA uses to designate qualifications for advanced learner loans.
Advanced learner loans prospectus 2015 to 2016 and 2016 to 2017 (1 February) The Prospectus sets out how awarding organisations can notify the SFA of qualifications for the advanced learner loans offer for the 2015 to 2016 and 2016 to 2017 funding years. The funding year runs from 1 August to 31 July.Process: awarding organisations can submit forms on the first Tuesday of each month. If successful, on the third week of the month the hub will be updated to include new qualifications, and on the fourth week of month the Student Loans Company application portal and Loans catalogue will be updated.
Notification form for advanced learner loan qualifications (9 December) The notification form awarding organisations need to use to notify the SFA of qualifications they wish to submit for the advanced learner loans offer for the 2015 to 2016 and 2016 to 2017 funding years.


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So from the Team have a great week and keep training



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