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This week is in fact the last Newsletter prior to Christmas so from Ian at SLIC Training, Lisa, Claire, David, and others that work in conjunction with EEVT, Shan from MOJO Media Engage and Peer Meet Up London:

We wish you all a Happy Christmas and great end of year celebrations!

Over the Christmas break we will be refreshing our website. This week we go out to some 3,839 members and we thank each and every one of you for your support and input over the past year.


SFA tell us Results for the latest ROTO will be out prior to the end of this YEAR !!!


Prevista – Call for Subcontractors

Prevista has an Adult Skills Budget with the SFA and is looking for subcontractors who have the capacity, capability and employer relationships to start learners immediately. Prevista will provide a full package of support to subcontractors including e-portfolio support; joint observations to ensure quality; safeguarding, equality & diversity and Prevent support; free training for your delivery staff and back office functions; and joint tendering opportunities.

If you are confident of being able to deliver this service, please complete and return the attached Expression of Interest Form to by Wednesday 11th January 2017.

Traineeships and Apprenticeships Prevista EOI


We will be doing more with our recruitment side within the industry and details on this will be out soon.  Jo tells us about the value of our ‘inclusive recruitment process’ is that it allows us to recruit from a much wider talent pool, ensuring that we’re able to attract a diverse range of candidates for each vacancy. For more information on how we can support your organisation, please contact:  Jo Clay, Head of Inclusive Resourcing at Equal Approach


Example of Masculine vs Gender Neutral Wording in a Job Advert: To give examples please look at the following two statements. 

The ideal candidate is determined to succeed, and is driven to provide a superior customer experience. They will have strong influencing skills and a charismatic approach.

The ideal candidate is dedicated, and is committed to providing an excellent customer experience. They will have good communication skills and the ability to be responsive to customers.


A big three familiar names dominate the updated list of 33 approved assessment organisations – taking responsibility for end point assessments with almost a third of new apprenticeship standards. City and Guilds tops the list, having signed-up to assess 18, followed by Pearson Education with 16, and NOCN with 11, according to the updated register published by the Skills Funding Agency. It means they are together responsible for assessments with 45 out of a total of 153 standards cleared by the agency as ready for delivery. Please see the full details at:


We are looking for Street works EQA and IQA for work in 2017 National Work available CV to 


We say well done also to four New Candidates with confirmed New Posts to start in the NEW YEAR.


It was great to see Dimple from Skill-serve Training Ltd this week and Congratulations on them achieving again their Matrix.


In November the peer meet up for Training Providers took place and here is a video from Pathways NED Stuart  which looks at POST Levy Employer Engagement:


Secretary of State for Education Justine Greening on Friday 16 December 2016 announced the appointment of Roger Taylor as the next Chair of Ofqual. Mr Taylor is a member of Ofqual’s Audit and Risk Committee and chairs its Vocational Advisory Group. His other board-level appointments include positions on the advisory group for HM Inspectorate of Probation and the Nuffield Health Board Quality and Safety Committee. He currently works with The Careers & Enterprise Company and he co-founded Dr Foster, a health information business. He has also worked as an advisor to the Care Quality Commission and was a Financial Times journalist.


New look Inform from the SFA tell us: We will change the look of Inform from January 2017 to meet government digital service standards. We will continue to summarise the data and funding news from the SFA, bring you relevant news from other agencies and organisations, remind you of current activity and give you advance notice of consultations and procurements. If you have any new members of staff or existing staff that you think might find Inform useful, please ask them to email us at


Skills Commission report: Creating locally owned and driven devolution
The launch of the latest Skills Commission report, Going Places: innovation in further education and skills, was held last week. The report was written after a 10 month inquiry spanning the UK and focuses on the innovative practices colleges are engaging with, and the potential devolution has for making innovation more widespread across the system. Barry Sheerman MP and Dame Ruth Silver co-chair the commission and this particular inquiry was chaired by Neil Bates, Principal and CE of Prospects College of Advanced Technology. Funding devolution is at the heart of the 17 recommendations made to ‘enable the best to become very best’.

The report calls for the DfE, EFA and SFA to review whether exemptions could be made to funding conditions or statutory requirements where they limit the development of flexible and bespoke delivery models, devolution settlements to be full, funding for devolution to be based on an area’s capability and ambition, not solely on population density or the number of large businesses, and for providers to be better able to use their funds to invest in the future; for example the SFA should review funding arrangements so they are less retrospective and can encourage growth, especially in apprenticeship provision.


The Prevent duty and teaching about British values in the curriculum are important in all Ofsted inspections.

 Ofsted have made it clear that they now expect all providers to:

“Ensure that learners have a good understanding of British values and the risks and threats of radicalisation and extremism” from “How well are further education and skills providers implementing the ‘Prevent’ duty?” Ofsted 2016 report.

In recent inspections Ofsted inspectors have focused on how much learners know about British values; how these have been covered in the curriculum and whether they know how to keep themselves safe from extremism. 

Help your teaching staffs improve their awareness of their Prevent duty and support them in highlighting British values in their subject teaching in order to meet Ofsted expectations.


Curriculum leaders: Register for the British values for curriculum leader’s course to understand how you can do this in your provision. 

British values and Prevent for Curriculum leaders:

New College Nottingham: 26th January

Croydon College: 21st February

Safeguarding officers attend one of our British values for safeguarding officers to understand how you can do this in your provision.

Prevent for safeguarding officers two day course:

Fircroft College Birmingham 30th and 31st January

We also offer in-house training. If you wish to organise this for your staff or need more information, please contact us at


The Education and Training Foundation, working with a variety of sector bodies, has produced revised guidance on the qualifications in education, training and assessment available and relevant for working in the post-16 education and training sector. With AELP, Ascentis, City and Guilds, Pearson and UCET, we have produced updated guidance on the teaching qualifications for the further education and skills sector.  With City and Guilds, we have produced updated guidance on Assessment and Quality Assurance Qualifications. We have also updated the Minimum Core Guidance, defining the minimum core of teachers’ knowledge, understanding and skills in literacy, language, numeracy and ICT; and, using inclusive approaches to address learners’ needs.  Howard Pilott, ETF Head of ITE Development and Advice said,“With our partners we have revised and reissued these three sets of guidance.  We have provided a new single document for each area. In these revisions we have sought to address significant developments in the sector, changes in government policy, and to emphasise areas of effective practice.  The changes are not radical, but we do encourage all concerned to work from the most up to date versions of the guidance.” For more information, contact: Stephen Cox, Head of Strategic Communications | 020 3740 8280


Gary Tucker, 15 December 2016 we take the end-to-end digital apprenticeship service to GDS for its private beta assessment. As service manager, it’s my job to make sure that everything is in place. During assessment, the service will be tested against all 18 points on the Digital Service Standard. Passing the assessment means the service can move into public beta in January.

Storytelling Everything needs a shape and a focal point – whether it’s a photograph, a painting or a strategy. GDS service assessments are just like that – the assessors want to see an easy to understand pattern and a process: what is the user need? How have you iterated to meet that user need? How have you tested? And how have you ensured you can do this instantly and quickly using flexible, mobile technologies?  Explaining is an art form – and service assessments need good storytelling. It’s a time when personas (a product and tool of the user researcher) really come into their own. We need to show what a certain type of person would do or see, and how would they react, at every point in their journey. We need to demonstrate how an assisted digital user would get help. We need to show we will ensure users are not disorientated if, for any reason, the site goes down.  As much as possible, the explanation and storytelling should be woven into the demo during assessment. After all, that’s what the assessment is about and the assessors can tell easily if something isn’t right.  

Off the blocks: Assessment for the service actually started four weeks ago – I’m keen that the assessors see how we work as well as what we’ve produced. I’ve heard users (employers, providers and apprentices) say so many times, “this is so easy; I can do it myself without any help”. It’d be great if assessors could hear this. The apprenticeship service facilitates self-serve and employer ownership. It shifts power from a provider-driven apprenticeship system to an employer-led service, so employers’ skills needs can really be met (in GDS terms, this should be a “whoop!” moment). I want GDS to experience all of this – so my user researchers meet the assessor before the assessment.  Technology, design and performance metrics are shared. It all helps, given that the apprenticeship service has so many different parts.  

Private beta:I’m confident we’re ready to move to the next phase. Over the past three months the service has been thoroughly tested from end to end by 100 employers and their provider partners. To start, we had to have a representative sample of users, including those with assisted digital needs. And we split the testing into three distinct waves: 1 On boarding and registration 2 Adding an apprentice to reflect the agreement between the employer and the provider 3 Submitting provider data to evidence training and trigger payments. Feedback has and still is being incorporated. The elements that were tested during private beta connect with our existing live services (Find an apprenticeship, Recruit an apprentice and Find apprenticeship training) to deliver the full end-to-end apprenticeship service.

Continuous delivery: This is a huge team effort. All in all, 7 scrum teams have been involved – and representatives from each of the 7 teams will help tell the story during our assessment today. When we move into public beta, we’ll learn even more. The end of private beta is just the start of the journey – a digital service needs care and attention. It’s like moving into a house: we decorate, build, patch, maintain, extend it never ends. But we do all this to meet user needs. What I’m hearing now from users – ‘it’s so easy’ – is exactly what I want to hear in 5 years’ time.


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