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EEVT ltd (EEVT) working in conjunction with SLIC training welcomes you to this week’s news round up. With some 9 new members we now go out to some 3,826 members.


London APM are giving the opportunity to our readers; If you have something to offer to jobseekers with disabilities or poor health, then APM would like to hear from you and to discuss working together on the upcoming Work & Health Programme tender.

Still owned and run by the Occupational Therapist who founded the business in 1994, APM is the largest provider of Australia’s Disability Employment Programme and is proud to be the highest rated major provider, with 22 of its contracts rated 5 stars. After a year of major investment in the newly acquired UK business this has now become the highest performing provider of the Work Programme as well.   APM is bidding to run the Work & Health Programme across London. However, we believe that delivering a great service for Work & Health will mean integrating the great work already being done by local providers rather than replacing it.  To speak to APM about the Work and Health Programme, or other opportunities, please contact who will then pass on your information as local meetings need to be booked up and this all takes time.


First of all two documents have come out and if you wish to undertake work with the SFA on Apprentices you need to see these and read them.

Next you should have received the following if you applied via the main Route: 

We have identified that you have applied to the main application route of the register of apprenticeship training providers. If you are successful in your application to the SFA, one of the requirements is for you to add information about your apprenticeship offer to the Course Directory Provider Portal.

To activate your account click on the link below and log in using your email address. You will be asked to create a password in order to complete the credential validation process.

Please confirm your account by clicking here.

The deadline for completing your information on the Course Directory Provider Portal is 5.00pm on 13th January 2017. Failure to add your information to the Portal by this date may result in your RoATP application not being accepted.  If you experience any problems with activating your account on the Course Directory Provider Portal please contact the support team on 0844 811 5073 or email

Please do not use this phone number or email address to raise any queries about your application to the SFAs register of apprenticeship training providers.

Guidance on how to complete the course directory information is available using the following link
To update your data, please visit


The crackdown on providers who fail to disclose how much they top slice from subcontracting contracts has stepped up a gear, after the Skills Funding Agency said it wanted to make the information publicly available.

Colleges and independent training providers have been required to specify their subcontracting management fees since August 2013 – but FE Week found four months later the rules were being ignored by a number of providers, including the country’s biggest SFA contractor Learn direct.

The SFA later threated to suspend cash if providers didn’t publish a breakdown of the amount of government cash they withhold for themselves before paying subcontractors to run training for them on their websites.  Now, however, the SFA has had its hand forced by the continued lack of compliance, and introduced an aggressive new measure requiring every provider to submit a new form revealing their figures.  The new guidance is very clear, stating: “You must tell us the actual level of funding paid and retained for each of your subcontractors in 2016 to 2017. “You must email this information to your central delivery service adviser using a template we will supply to you. We will let you know the date by when you must do this. We will publish the information on our website.” Read more at

I see this above as a nothing item by the SFA, as by then the levy will be in place so there will be nothing they can or will do, this is just lip service.


I am off to Leeds this week but prior to going here are some of my thoughts and items.

Great this past week to get to see the Team at Manley Summers all beavering away, also well done to the Team at Training Skills UK Ltd, and of Course Cultural Capital.

Lots of people kindly inviting me to Christmas do’s or end of year parties which is great and very nice but my diary is always booked about two to three weeks in advance.


A word of warning the deadline for completing your information on the Course Directory Provider maybe in January but I would start now for big organisations or even medium it could take a day to do it and smaller ones about 2 hours.


This is a great time to get ready for Matrix so to all the organisations doing this use the down time to get it right. Also I would make a suggestion to look into your Updating all policy and procedures, as this is an ideal time to do it.


Lately White tinsel appears not to be in the shops this year any ideas why this is so?


The influential Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has added its voice to those expressing concerns over the government’s insistence on prioritizing the number of apprenticeships over the quality of the training provided. Also the PAC says the insistence on prioritizing meeting its 3m by 2020 target over other measures risks the quality of the training provided.

Rather than focusing on the numerical target, the committee recommends the DfE should instead, “Publish, and regularly report on, a broader range of success measures, both at local and national level. These measures should include whether apprentices move on to higher apprenticeships, whether successful apprentices benefit from increased earnings, and whether the programme is delivering improved access to under-represented groups across all occupations.”


‘Levy risk not fully understood’ In addition, the members of the committee say they are ‘not convinced’ that the Apprentice Levy’s risks have been fully vetted and understood by civil servants tasked with rolling it out, with the possibility of system abuse not fully recognized and mitigated. “Levy-paying employers will be allowed to use their contributions to fund a greater number of apprenticeships among their own workforce,” the report states. “However, the system may encourage some stakeholders to behave in ways that work against the objectives of the programme.”  The committee recommends that to address these concerns, “The DfE needs to systematically identify the full range of risks associated with potential abuse of the system and ensure that they are addressed from the start. It should be clear who is responsible for managing the risks, detecting problems as they arise, and taking action quickly should concerns emerge.

The report lays out its concerns that employers and training providers might collude to recover and share levy funds while offering little or no genuine training, or employers might artificially route other forms of training into apprenticeships. “The Department must not repeat the sorts of mistakes that were made when Individual Learning Accounts were introduced in 2000 which suffered from a lack of checks on learners, providers, and the quality of learning; and poor contract management which led to substantial fraud and abuse,” it concludes.

‘IfA may not fulfil its remit’

The committee also cast doubt on whether the Institute for Apprenticeships (IfA) will operate as intended, and whether it will have the capacity and capability to fulfil its functions.

‘The IfA’s broad remit will be to regulate the quality of apprenticeships including keeping standards to a manageable number and ensuring they deliver relevant, up-to-date skills,” the report states. “Despite the importance of these functions, the Department has yet to define: the precise roles and responsibilities of the IfA; how these roles and responsibilities will fit alongside those of the existing oversight bodies; and the resources to which the IfA will have access. It is also unclear whether the employer-led IfA will draw on the perspectives of other important stakeholders such as the trade unions.’  The report has been published on the back of extensive questioning of the government’s plans for apprenticeships, which has encompassed funding, measurement, quality, perceptions, career advice and the prioritisation of the right types of skills to meet the UK’s productivity gap.


Tip of the week I Free winter car check at Halfords. Details

Tip of the week 2 Free kids workshops at Pets at Home. Details

Tip of the week3 Selected free travel with Megabus between 9th January and 9th February 2017. Details


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