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EEVT Ltd (EEVT) working in conjunction with SLIC training welcomes you to this week’s news round up. With some 6 new members we now go out to some 3,827 members. We had a problem last week where for about 4 hours the website was down we think this was due to changing over servers.

Well the deadline has passed for the Registrar of apprentices Organisations it is good luck to the clients of EEVT and indeed others that placed forward their applications.


The SFA have launched a self assessment survey to help providers of apprenticeships understand what they need to do to prepare for the apprenticeship reforms in May 2017.

The survey is open until Friday, 16 December Completing the survey will enable you to assess your progress towards being ready for the reforms. The results will also help us identify any further support you might need, to make sure you are ready to provide apprenticeships to employers paying the levy, and those accessing the co-investment model.


Congratulations to NEW ATA Big Creative Business Ltd, OSS Leisure Limited & Logistic Training Solutions Ltd Please find the full list of the other 60 at  For details on how to become an ATA please e-mail or to find out how to work with an ATA.


Peer meet Up for Training Providers Manchester is the 15th of December. Details on the event and the tickets to this FREE event


SFA tell us Feedback on the draft apprenticeship funding rules Since October, we have been receiving feedback on the draft funding rules for 2017 to 2018. We are working with employers and providers to improve the clarity of the rules. This includes the meaning of a ‘genuine job’ at the end of the apprenticeship and the definition of off-the-job training. We have been asked about apprenticeship funding for English, maths and learning support. To deliver these within apprenticeships you need to be on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers. We will publish the next version of the rules in early 2017. Please send feedback on the funding rules to


Lindsay has done it again:  The Celebration of Apprenticeships Conference website is now open and is being updated daily with speakers and content.   The conference over two days will be day 1 business focused and day 2 training provision.  With the conference timed to take place weeks before the apprenticeship levy start, there will be no better time to hear about are prepared the sector or organisations that employ apprentices are. With so many constraints on budgets we have worked hard to put together an event that is affordable for all to attend making this the most affordable event in the apprenticeship event calendar.

Buy a gala dinner and awards ticket for £99.00 you will receive a complimentary ticket for the Two day conference ticket will cost £60.00
A ticket for either the 7th or 8th Match will cost £50.00
This opening offer to members of the group will apply to the first 200 tickets sold.
We have a range of sponsorship opportunities available and many of the gala dinner packages come with a conference stand at the two day conference.
Visit the conference website

Awards website


Social Firms England is taking a strategic look at what Social Firms need and how Social Firms England can act to support Social Firms. We are currently planning to run a series of events around the country to support Social Firms and plan to relaunch our membership offer in the New Year.   So we have prepared a short survey to try and find out what you need. Please take 5 minutes out to fill in our survey. If you want to get involved in supporting our set of roadshow events please email

The survey link is here –


This information is for all providers who wish to offer apprenticeship training in England from May 2017. This includes existing providers as well as organisations that might wish to enter the apprenticeship training market. To make sure you have all the right things in all the right places, go to:


Apprenticeship changes Apprenticeship funding for 2017 is in 3 parts:

Learners starting their apprenticeship before 1 May 2017

New apprentices funded by an employer with a digital account (levied employers) from 1 May 2017

New apprentices funded by the SFA for employers without a digital account (non-levied employers) from 1 May 2017. The SFA is committed to existing learners completing their programmes

Preparing to be an apprenticeship training provider

To help you prepare to be an apprenticeship training provider, you may find the following links to background information useful:

apprenticeship funding: how it will work

apprenticeship funding from May 2017

apprenticeships: become a training provider

apprenticeship standards and apprenticeship frameworks that you could offer

To help you determine what opportunities exist as you plan and develop your apprenticeship provision, you could look at data such as:

Existing provision

Regional success rates

Inspection or review documents

Labour market information

Apprenticeship standards in development

Preparing your organisation for apprenticeship delivery

There are a number of organisational issues that new and existing providers will need to consider including:

Strategic direction and governance

Quality assurance

Business model and organisational strategy

Employer engagement

Access to apprenticeship-ready young people

Developing operational systems

Cash flow management and invoicing

Costing/pricing information

Contract negotiation and management

Management information

Staffing implications

Marketing and branding

There are many organisations that you can choose to work with or who might support your training, planning, development and delivery:

Membership organisations

Awarding organisations

Professional bodies

education and training foundation (ETF)

degree apprenticeship development fund

The register of training organisations will continue for adult education budget provision, traineeships and advanced learner loans.


Free Learning Technologies 2017 exhibition (incorporating Learning and Skills) taking place at Olympia, London, on 1-2 February 2017.  I really hope you will be able to attend what promises to be our best event yet with over 250 exhibitors, 160 free seminars and over 8,000 L&D and HR professionals expected to attend.  Entry to the exhibition (and the exhibition seminar programme) is absolutely free, so please register as soon as possible to ensure that you are included in all of the pre-show communications about special promotions and the latest event developments. Register now for FREE entry to the exhibition and seminars.{B03208E9-3155-43DE-9B9D-B2D8CF23EC38}&source=MPHot


Some real problems ahead for the SFA as the Government think that funds thought to be generated by Large companies will not come through this is 2019 and 2020.  A bigger problem for me is will the Government last until then and if so if our PM goes and another one comes in will they want to start doing changes.  The labour side say they will do away with Level 2 qualifications. The whole of the Government’s actions with regard to our industry and the future of productivity which is a key item that appears to be forgotten from their minds unless it is to get a picture with an Apprentice at a factory.


Who knew what was going on at Pera Training at the SFA they may say they have had no idea yet providers have written to them saying I have not been paid they say not my problem and then all of a sudden it is there problem when they nearly go into Administration.



Tip of the week I: An eight day holiday in Kuala Lumpur is £380pp. Details

Tip of the week 2: Get 1/3 off cinema tickets on Tuesdays at Vue. Details

Tip of the week 3: Pizza Express two courses for £10. Details


All the very best from myself and the Team

Have a great week and keep training from me Steve, you can follow us on  in Groups EEVT Limited  On Facebook

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