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This week’s newsletter bids, grants and Funds come to you in conjunction with our sponsors London Based Manley Summers Training.  We go out to some 4,138 organisations and around 3,622 plus are organisations or people within the Training and Development Industry. This week there are 37 pages of Bids Grants and Funds.

 For anyone who placed forward an application for the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers.  The ESFA sent out this message:

Dear Applicant
Thank you for your application to the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers.
We anticipate informing applicants of the outcome of their application towards the end of January 2018. Should we need to contact you regarding your application during this period this will be done through the e-tendering portal. If your application is successful, the ESFA will contact the named contact as submitted on your application regarding next steps. Please ensure that you advise us of any change of contact through the e-tendering portal as incorrect details could result in a delay.

Kind Regards ESFA.

Opportunity Apprenticeship and Traineeship Providers

Prevista are looking for new Apprenticeship and Traineeship Providers – could they please return their completed EOIs to by Friday 24th November


Do you also want to make a real difference to the UK’s education and training profession, and ultimately the lives and opportunities of those they teach and train?


If so, we are looking for first class professionals who will play a pivotal role in the next exciting chapter in the life of the charity and its membership body (the Society for Education and Training) by further supporting an organisation and a sector that continues to grow in importance to the country’s future.  The Education and Training Foundation is committed to making appointments on merit by fair and open processes; taking account of equality and diversity. Please read about Our Values.

Job title               Job type              Salary    Date posted       Closing date

Head of Senior Leadership & Governance               Full time               £55,000-£60,000 pa         30/10/2017 17/11/2017

Head of Teaching, Learning & Assessment              Full time               £55,000-£60,000 pa         30/10/2017 17/11/2017

Head of Learning Technologies    Full time               £55,000-£60,000 pa         30/10/2017 17/11/2017

Head of Technical Education        Full time               £55,000-£60,000 pa         30/10/2017 17/11/2017

Head of Wellbeing & Social Inclusion        Full time               £55,000-£60,000 pa30/10/2017  17/11/2017


The Launch of the National Skills Agency. Spencer Mehlman the Founder of the website notgoingtouni has now launched The National Skills Agency.  The Launch of the National Skills Agency. Spencer Mehlman the Founder of the website notgoingtouni has now launched The National Skills Agency, it is a specialist recruitment agency whose sole focus is the identification and supply of key personnel to the Apprenticeship and Early Careers marketplace.

Key areas the National Skills Agency recruits for include:

  • Apprenticeship & Levy Consultants
  • Employer Engagement Executives & Management
  • Business Development & Marketing
  • Talent & Skills Management
  • Training Consultants, Assessors & Tutors
  • Learning & Development Professionals
  • Student Recruitment Specialists

If you are looking for a new role or if you are looking add to your team them please call 0203 953 1984 or email your CV to


The Issuing Authority, National Skills Academy for Food and Drink, have announced that they are withdrawing several pathways from the food and drink apprenticeship level 2 and 3. These pathways will be closed to new starts from 30 April 2018. You can find information on which pathways are being withdrawn and which will continue to be available on their website.  Any apprentices starting on the food and drink framework before the withdrawal date will be able to continue until completion and successful apprentices will then be able to claim their certificate using the current system.


Long term and indeed in light of Ofsted and other requirements CIF at EEVT we have been seeing several problems with Training Providers and the Safeguarding side of requirements. Taking this into account we have looked around to find the right organisation to help in this area. MAW Safeguarding are the organisation we have looked to work with on this.  Milly will explain more:  My name is Milly and I am an independent safeguarding consultant. I am a former Metropolitan police detective and I have over 10 years’ experience dealing directly with vulnerable children and adults. My services include training, policy development, reviews, audits and internal investigations. A full list of services is available on my website If you would like a copy of my CV please contact me on 07917 321230 or email  I am happy to discuss any of your safeguarding concerns or requirements, so please feel happy to get in touch.


The long-term survival of Learndirect will hinge on the success of its sister companies, including Learndirect Apprenticeships, over the next 12 months, as newly released accounts show it saddled with debts of more than £50 million.

The nation’s biggest FE provider, which has had serious financial and performance issues ever since Ofsted damned it with a grade four in August, published its full accounts for the 18-month period up to January 31, 2017, this morning.  They show huge debts worth £48.5 million for its parent group, Pimco Holdings Ltd, plus a loan of £2.9 million from Lloyds Development Capital (LDC), both of which need to be paid back from November 2018.

There is a further loan from LDC of £48.8 million which will be repayable in May 2020.

Leanrdirect Apprenticeships (LDA), a firm set up by Learndirect as a separate entity to run its apprenticeships division in March 2016, also released its accounts this morning, which show similar financial problems.  Both companies were said in the accounts as to still be a “going concern”, and in order to survive Pimco has secured a “working capital facility” of up to £5 million from its bank lenders, which will be available until November 30, 2018.  There are however two “material uncertainties” which may cast “significant doubt” on Leanrdirect’s and LDA’s abilities to remain a going concerns: Pimco’s financial arrangements after November 2018 and the providers’ future performance.

The accounts state that while bank lenders and LDC “continue to be supportive”, Pimco’s ability to repay, refinance or extend these loans will depend on the performance of its subsidiaries – Leanrdirect Ltd, Learndirect Apprenticeships Ltd, and Learndirect Professional – over the next 12 months. There are said to be “several factors” that make predicting income levels in the short-term more difficult than usual, according to the accounts.

These include the impact of Ofsted’s landmark report, changes to apprenticeship funding (particularly the levy), and the rate of growth in the European Social Fund.


Next peer meet up for training providers is in Leeds details to follow so please any guest speakers please let me know your interest

EEVT, some awesome news! We’ve built a Google Adwords style platform for digital billboards! It’s finally live,
you can now advertise on digital screens from anywhere! This spin-off product is called Bidooh. The first screen has gone live! It’s in a shopping centre, you can directly upload your advert to it in minutes and it’ll go live almost immediately (after we’ve checked the ad!) Give it a go! Please send your feedback to If you have screens we can make your screens easier to run and allow your advertisers publish their own content and manage their account and invoices all within one control panel! Speak soon! Abdul M. 07951 579 147 


EEVT has the privilege of being one of several Patrons of the BAME Apprenticeship Alliance along with Coco Cola, Severn Trent Water, APM, NOCN, Royal Air Force, JTL, One File, World Skills, Dudley College, Birmingham Metropolitan, COLLAB Group and the Pathways Group. We have a meeting in November to look at items going forward your ideas and thoughts. As Isa Mutlib Executive Director notes,   “As we develop our offering and services and how we can best position ourselves discussing apprenticeship diversity. As Patrons, you have a say and we hope that Government will then look at us as a voice of apprenticeship diversity using your thoughts and influence as a driver”.

For membership of the BAMEAA please contact


 ChutneyandChat – Business Networking #Birmingham

Date: 14th Dec 2017 Time: 6.30PM

Keynote: Ninder Johal Venue: Tipu Sultan Group

Booking Link:


The ESFA tell us We are currently phasing the withdrawal of apprenticeship frameworks as employers take on apprentices on the new standards, ensuring that Issuing Authorities (IAs) and training providers have reasonable notice to prepare for the changes. We understand that some IAs are preparing to manage the transition themselves, by voluntarily withdrawing either entire frameworks or specific level and/or pathways, and we support this activity, with the following guidance.

1. Consultation with the sector

We expect IAs to publish a consultation document with their proposed withdrawal dates. This will allow employers, providers and awarding organisations to provide feedback and register any concerns about the proposed withdrawal dates. Following consultation, IAs should publish the final agreed list of frameworks and their withdrawal dates and notify their network of providers, employers and awarding organisations. IAs should also send the final list to ESFA and Federation for Industry Sector Skills and Standards (FISSS) so that they can take appropriate action, as required.

2. Sufficient notice periods

A minimum of 6 months’ notice of any withdrawal date should be given. This allows training providers to develop and update their delivery plans.

3. The replacement standard is fully developed and ready for delivery

We expect that the replacement standard will have been approved and published for delivery by the withdrawal date and will cover the occupation of the framework pathway, leaving no gaps in provision.

NB: If the framework and/or pathway is being withdrawn because there has been little, or no, demand (for example, less than 10 starts a year), we still expect you expect you to complete steps 1 and 2.

4. End point assessment organisations

Once the replacement standard and assessment plan are approved, published and ready for delivery, organisations can apply to be registered to undertake end-point assessment. We would expect there to be end point assessment organisations available, within a reasonable timescale.


Are you aware of recent CSE changes?

On the 27th of October 2017, Research in Practice as commissioned by the government have launched an updated Evidence Scope: Working Effectively to Address Child Sexual Exploitation. The original resource was commissioned by Wigan and Rochdale councils as part of the Greater Manchester CSE project, funded by the Department for Education’s ‘Children’s Social Care Innovation Programme’.

This open access Evidence Scope aims to support local areas in the continual development of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) services by reviewing and critically appraising relevant evidence. It brings together evidence that supports interventions and multi-agency and inter-professional approaches to working to improve outcomes for young people who may be affected by CSE.  The national evidence review was completed by Jessica Eaton who is working exclusively with The Social Care Training Hub to create twelve bespoke online CSE packages that fully incorporate the national evidence review changes.

The Social Care Training Hub is providing the first two online packages free and unlimited to the entire CLA (children looked after) sector. These are:

An Introduction to Child Sexual Exploitation and Child Abuse

Trauma Responses and Behaviours of Children Who Have Experienced Sexual Violence

The two online packages provided will be fully certificated and compliant. Each learner will also receive an extensive course-related handbook, along with an LOR (Learning Outcome Review) which asks the learner what they have learnt from the course and how it will benefit their work with young people. For more information please contact us on 0161 870 6200 or email us  See the below link to the publication:


Britain’s most senior tribunal judge says most of the benefits cases that reach court are based on bad decisions where the Department for Work and Pensions has no case at all.  Sir Ernest Ryder, senior president of tribunals, also said the quality of evidence provided by the DWP is so poor it would be “wholly inadmissible” in any other court.

Speaking at a Bar Council event attended by BuzzFeed News this week, Ryder said his judges found that 60% of cases were “no-brainers” where there was nothing in the law or facts that would make the DWP win.

In an extraordinary outburst against what he said was the incompetence of the department, he said he and his fellow judges were so incensed by the volume of cases where there was “no justiciable defence to the appeal” that they were considering sending them back – or charging the DWP for the cases it loses.

He said: “It’s an inappropriate use of judicial resources, it’s an inappropriate experience for the users, and the cost is simply not right.”

The percentage of cases lost by the DWP on appeal has been growing rapidly. In 2007, 44% of cases heard in the Social Security and Child Support tribunal went against the DWP. Ryder said the figures have now risen to a “staggering” 61%.

He said this was because in most instances the DWP simply had no case at all. “Just as an experiment in Leeds, my judges used their lunch hour to take the wall of paper files and go through them to see what the percentage of no-brainers might be,” Ryder said. “That is, [ones where] there could be no argument in law or on facts that the appellant wouldn’t win. It was spot-on 60%.”  When appealing a decision on benefits you first have to go through mandatory reconsideration (MR), where you ask the department to look again at your case. Only then can you take it to tribunal and appeal it.

Ryder said this process was not preventing the DWP from taking huge numbers of cases through court that shouldn’t be there.

“In case management I could send back those cases to the DWP and say, ‘You might as well remake them, because there is no argument that a tribunal could hear. There’s no justiciable defence to the appeal.’ Why don’t I? That’s the argument we’re thinking about long and hard, because the appellant doesn’t lose anything.”


Candidates available if any are of interest please contact Helen Wilson

Sales Director 01785 430513

Assessor/IQA (Level 5) – With a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) – YORKSHIRE

Level 5 Management Tutor – Has over 10 years experience within Teaching and Assessing (Delivering ILM Management Qualifications – NORTH EAST

Assessor in Childcare and Management (Level 5) – Holds a Level 4 Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (CTLLS) – NORTH EAST

Assessor/Internal Verifier – Complete with updated Assessing and Verifying Awards along with ability to deliver Management at Level 5 – EAST MIDLANDS

Level 5 Trainer/Assessor – With level 4 IQA Qualification – NORTH EAST


Confirmation  that  as reported earlier this autumn the Prospects Group and Shaw Trust have been in strategic partnership talks for a number of months with regard to the great synergy and shared values between our organisations and the opportunities to work more closely together in a variety of business areas.

We are now pleased to announce that there has been an exchange of contracts and that we are on track for the Prospects Group to become part of Shaw Trust by the end of November.

Both Prospects and Shaw Trust are excited about the opportunities ahead to further develop and grow a wide range of services both nationally and locally and most importantly to ensure that more young people and adults are supported to transform their lives every year.


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