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This week’s newsletter bids, grants and Funds come to you in conjunction with our sponsors London Based Manley Summers Training.  We go out to some 4,138 organisations and around 3,622 are organisations or people within the Training and Development Industry. This week there are 40 pages of Bids Grants and Funds.

Ok clocks back so 1 hour extra in bed hope you made it count?  I am at the Asian Apprenticeship Awards Thursday and Friday this week and South London Monday.


Cohabitas, a social enterprise to help people who are 35+ to connect to like-minded individuals looking to house/flat share (co -share/co-living) as this will be financially and socially beneficial. I’m looking for stories to post of people who have successfully shared in this way. Or, perhaps if they are willing to have a phone/skype interview (10 mins max) then they should contact me.

Any referrals/stories should be sent to:

Many thanks in advance for sharing with your 35+ network!

Best regards Sandra Volunteer Social Media Manager

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Ok as an employer or training provider you may have been trying to understand the recent changes in apprenticeship policy including the introduction of the apprenticeship levy. With the levy impacting all employers, regardless of size, it is important to be aware of the changes to apprenticeships and how these will impact business. This is just one of the best items around good for your staff and potential clients.


Labour MP James Frith says his local colleges’ experiences of funding cuts are different from the situation described by education secretary Justine Greening

Education secretary Justine Greening is living in an “alternative reality” over funding for FE colleges, according to a Labour MP.  James Frith, the MP for Bury North, was addressing Ms Greening at the House of Commons Education Select Committee hearing in Parliament today – presided over by the new committee chair, former skills minister Robert Halfon. Mr Frith said that almost £2 million in funding had been cut from his two local FE colleges – £1.3 million from Bury College, and £600,000 from Holy Cross College – during the last three years, while funding remained comparably higher in secondary schools and higher education. “In Bury, Bury College and Holy Cross [College] in the last three years have lost £2 million in funding,” Mr Frith said. “Can you explain the logic behind the difference for post-16 education compared to [secondary schools], which is about 21 per cent? The difference is 48 per cent when comparing FE to HE – and there’s a massive 70 per cent when you compare Holy Cross and Bury College and colleges like them with the independent [school] sector on funding.” Read more at


The Department for Education (DfE) is currently seeking views on proposed subject content for reformed Functional Skills in maths and English. Establishing the content of these reformed qualifications is a critical part of improving Functional Skills so that they can meet the needs of students and employers. The consultation is open until 7 November 2017.   Ofqual has also launched a policy consultation about the approach to regulating reformed Functional Skills qualifications in maths and English, which is open until 22 November 2017.   The ETF is developing CPD to support the teaching workforce for revised Functional Skills. Once the subject content is approved, we aim to revise the Pre-entry Curriculum Framework.


The Henry Smith Charity has a range of grants of between £10,000 and £60,000 available for projects designed to reduce social and economic disadvantage in the UK.

We would like to invite you to our House of Commons meeting on November 20th at 6.30pm and hosted by Jess Phillips MP where we discuss abuse in public life and especially on social media.  You can register and reserve a place here at


Perry from Pearson lets us know about Apprenticeships ​

Designing an apprenticeship programme from square one

​Free ​Insight ​Webinar​ Wednesday 22 November, 4.00pm

Drawing on contributions from across the sector, Insight webinars tackle the key challenges and de-mystify the apprenticeship reforms for both industry and providers.

If your organisation is new to apprenticeships, or scaling up an existing programme in response to the levy, how can you be sure your programme is future-proof?

Starting with the analysis of organisational needs, this event provides a step-by-step guide to the key challenges, considerations and hurdles behind implementing your first apprenticeship programme. Drawing on the experience of levy-paying employers, we’ll compare approaches to provide you with the finished picture from which you can assemble your own programme.

​Reserve your place here

Catch up on our past Insight Webinars here


FREE Sector Events We still have places available on our ​sector update​ events which will ​

include​ information on the new apprenticeship standards. Book your place onto one of our Webinar’s or Face to face events



Still to come Financial Services Customer Adviser, Adult Care and Transport and Logistics​. On-Screen Testing​

Promissor to POP – Five week countdown!

The transition from Promissor to Pearson Onscreen Platform (POP) is well underway. Promissor will not be available after 26 November, as it is being replaced with Pearson Onscreen Platform (POP). The Pearson Onscreen Platform will deliver a wider range of delivery models, along with flexibility enabling better testing functionalities.

Click here for further information and to see what actions you need to take.

Click here for details of our online training events.


In July of this year during an hour-long debate in Westminster Hall, MPs detailed how they have faced racist abuse, anti-Semitism, death threats from supporters of rival parties on social media, as well as physical intimidation and threats.
One of these was the Labour MP Jess Phillips who has called for increased support and training for women in public life after revealing she received 600 rape threats in a single day last year. At this meeting we will look at abuse in public life, ask why it is happening and what should be done about it.  Men are also abused in public life too but many think that the way women in public life are being threatened is really intensifying.  What does this say about the nature of our democracy and to open and engaging debate? How can we expect out MPs to engage with citizens when they are abused and their lives threatened? How can we create civility in politics as well as passion?

Joining Jess at this meeting will be Will Francis Director and founder of Vandal London – innovation agency. In the Nineties Will was Editor of MySpace UK, where he oversaw the content on the site, produced a string of successful content programs and regularly hosted live video interviews with the world’s highest profile music artists and celebrities from Justin Bieber and Jared Leto to Russell Brand and Cheryl Cole.  We also hope to include in the panel a psychologist who has studied online abuse. There will also be ample time for audience participation. You will be very welcome but register soon as seats are beginning to fill up fast.


Asian Apprenticeship Awards, please find the key information below about the event for your reference. Should you have questions before the event day, feel free to contact me. If you have any questions on the event day, my colleague Hira whose details are below will be able to assist.

Event Information

 Date: Thursday 2nd November 2017 Time 6:30pm Venue Edgbaston Stadium, Edgbaston Road, Birmingham. B5 7QU. Parking Information Free Onsite car parking available

Dress Code:  Black tie

Dietary All food provided will be halal. A vegetarian option will also be provided. If you have any specific dietary requirements, please send them through to me.

Those that already have, we have noted them on our records.

 Event Schedule 

18:30 Drinks Reception
19:10 Main Room Opens
19:25 Final Call
19:30 Show Starts
19:50 Introduction to Event
19:55 School of the Year Award
20:00 STARTERS  
20:25 Show Resumes
20:30 Comedy Act
20:45 Category Awards
21:25 Key Note Speaker
21:35 MAINS  
20:10 Show Resumes
22:15 Category Awards
22:50 DESSERTS (Tea & Coffee)  
23:00 Individual Awards
23:20 Closing Speech/ Raffle
23:30 Apprentice of the year
23:35 Thank and Carriages *Times Are approximate

After Party:        Jurys Inn Hotel, 245 Broad St, Birmingham B1 2HQ

Timings:               11:45pm till 2:00am

Point of Contact on Event Day  Hira Malik Call: 07891 700817 / 0121 707 0550 Email:


Jobs Posts SIA Freelance Trainer Talented Training – LS1 Leeds

Talented Training is looking for Freelance Trainer for CCTV, Door Supervision & Employ-ability; you MUST have experience in these fields

 You must be able to demonstrate a strong work ethic and be able to achieve aggressive objectives within tight time frames. Excellent communication skills both orally and in written form are essential with importance placed on the administration of the function.  You will have a 24-month traceable training history with evidence of positive feedback.

 Must have the below qualifications:

Level 3 Award in PTLLS/EAT

Level 3 Certificate for Deliverers of Conflict Management

Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (CAVA-NVQ’s)

Level 3 Certificate for Deliverers of Physical Intervention

Job Location: Leeds Required education: Diploma

CV to




  • Coordinating activities across all existing teams (curriculum, coaching, ops, sales, marketing and engineering);
  • Ensuring we comply with Ofsted and other regulations and legislation;
  • Strategic planning to maintain and improve quality and quantity;
  • Building your own team to deliver Apprenticeships as we scale.

Your background

  • You have started (successfully or not) a number of new, risky initiatives, whether on your own as a founder or as an intrapreneur;
  • You are comfortable in a highly uncertain, early stage environment;
  • You are fastidiously meticulous in ensuring we comply with complex regulatory requirements;
  • You have an interest in education, perhaps a background in it too;
  • Experience with apprenticeships delivery is a plus but not essential.


I have a Top Level person who role finishes in a few days’ time Where they would best fit: 
– Government Relations
– Transformation and Project Management
– Participation
– Leadership & Management Training
– Coaching and Consultancy

What they are good at:
– Strategy and Implementation
– Problem Solving
– Leading teams
– Seeing the bigger picture
– Forming new collaborations

Where their knowledge sits
– National and local government policy and funding
– Further education policy and funding (particularly work-based/focused learning programmes)
– Leadership and management theories and techniques
– Problem solving and change management theories and techniques

They are available from 1st November for full/part-time and temporary/permanent-roles. Location isn’t a particular concern either – including international work.
E-mail me for their CV


Five people who want work experience in Birmingham in Health and Social Care.

Please contact


We’re all abuzz these days about interactive video. Yes for good reason. It is a great way to get learners to sit up straight and pay attention and on top of that, can enhance and improve a traditional eLearning experience, by = breaking up the monotony of clicking next through a series of slides. And it is, well, so much more interactive than a “static” video. No longer a passive viewing experience, learners can now engage directly with a video, accessing additional content right within a video screen. This might include mini-tutorials, questions, challenges or games to test their knowledge.
10 top tips for designing great experiences Borrow from TV and movies

We aren’t suggesting you just go and copy the latest episode of Game of Thrones (although that would surely get some attention!), but instead imagine how your learning would play out if the content were made for TV or the big screen. What would you do to captivate your audience – would you stick to a lot of talking head videos or would you add a dramatic narrative or guide the learners through an immersive scenario — what we might call a Guided Story?

Keep it short and sweet and don’t break the flow– Interactive video can be a great add-on or core design element in an elearning course, but keep it sharp and focused. Don’t set out to create an epic movie that surpasses Gone with the Wind in length. Videos should be kept to three minutes or less, especially if there’s a lot of information to cover and you’re adding layers and additional content on top of the core video, be mindful of the overall user experience and content length.

Yes, video should be interactive, but take care not to go nuts with too much clicking. I’ve been warning of the dangers of clicky-clicky bling-bling for years. The canvas seems prime for that type of abuse.  This may seem counterintuitive, but hear us out. Yes, it is a great tool – it’s wonderful for your employees to be able to see a new product, click a hotspot and view a quick pop-up tutorial, but don’t inundate them with tons of clicking and loads of information.

The more interactions there are within the video, the longer it will take people to get through it. It may also increase the possibility that by the end of the program they’ll have forgotten anything \ they saw at the very beginning. The point is, use video to enhance the learning, not overwhelm or distract people from the key takeaways.

Think game elements: Interactive video lets you add gamification into the mix with challenges, quizzes, timers, and score tallies. If you’re creating a video about safety standards, show a video clip that contains a few different safety hazards and award points when learners click to identify hazards. Clicking on the hazards can also display pop-ups that explain why something is, or isn’t, hazardous and let people know what they missed once they’ve finished the challenge.

Film on the phone or GoPro: Long gone are the days when you need to hire an entire film crew to capture every angle of your video. Today’s smartphones have great cameras that are only getting better. Add in the options of purchasing a relatively inexpensive GoPro or a DSLR camera and you’ve got three very viable, very portable options for filming your content in-house, rather than sourcing it out and spending mega bucks.

Let the video do the talking: Since you’re taking the time to create a video, you might as well be certain that the video is the main show. If you load up a basic video with tons of hotspots to click for more information your learners might miss some key points. Design your the video so that the main points of learning are kept within the video itself, and use hotspots and other aspects for supplementary info or content that may be likely to change and require updating.

Keep text to a minimum: While it’s nice to use a text overlay to point out or highlight something important, text will soon start to lose it’s wow factor if it’s all over every scene. Instead, let the video do the talking.

Use all the tricks- They call it “movie magic” for a reason. Don’t be afraid to use a few special effects, such as split screens or slow motion, to give your audience a more dynamic viewing experience.

Provide subtitles/closed captioning: Keep in mind that some of your learners may be viewing the content on smartphones or tablets as they take public transportation, or sit on the couch while their family watches TV.. Give them the option to turn on closed captioning and subtitles so that they can still get the most out of your content with the audio off.

Think about phone and tablet viewing: Consider how your video will look when viewed on a phone or tablet. If the video is filmed with a large overhead shot, for example, will the details be difficult to see on the small screen of a smartphone? Similarly, will hotspots be too small to push, or too clustered to tap accurately?

Give it a try! Are you considering having a play with interactive video? Try it out! In today’s technological landscape nearly everyone has access to a pretty decent camera on their smartphone. If there’s something interesting happening in your workspace, such as a new project launching or a new technique being taught to some employees on a one-on-one basis, why not film it for possible inclusion in your next learning program? More and more tools are available for adding interactive layers over your video. Head into it with an open mind and be willing to experiment!


Tip of the week 1 Seven nights skiing in Chamrousse from £92. Details


Tip of the week 2 Free protein smoothie. Details


Tip of the Week 3: £10 off at Byron burger. Details


Keep training from me Steve and all the Team at EEVT, see you also on social media




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