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Many thanks for this week’s Bids, Grants and Funds from EEVT Ltd (EEVT) and SLIC International Ltd. This week’s bids attachment has some 41 pages. We go out to over 4,000 organisations and decision makers welcome to 7 new readers this week. To get your own copy then e-mail


This week has been quiet with Steve still been confined to bed, but he sends his thoughts to you all and thanks for your good wishes (and fruit!).


OK this week saw the reopening but not a refresh of the ROTO. It will only be open for some 10 days.

Opening of register of apprentice training providers: SFA update

In August, we launched the above proposal for the new register of apprenticeship training providers to invite your feedback. Our proposals stated we planned to open the register for applications on Monday, 3 October.   In order to make changes to the register proposals and finalise the approach, reflecting your comments and feedback, the opening of the new register will be delayed. We will announce the revised timetable shortly.

Register of training organisations opened 30/9 closes 14/10/16 – this opening is not a refresh

What is new

The Public Contract Regulations 2015 came into effect in February 2015, therefore we have updated our process to ensure that it complies with the Regulations and that we continue to deliver a simple and consistent approach to supplier selection.

  • we have widened the remit of the Register in order to reduce the number of pre-qualification questionnaires that organisations are required to complete depending on their interests
  • we have introduced a financial health assessment toolkit to guide organisations through the financial health assessment
  • we have updated the pre-qualification process: for organisations that are not interested in tendering, we have reduced the number of questions they are required to complete
  • for organisations that want to tender, our updated questions help you understand what is required to have a contract with the SFA. What is the register?  The register of training organisations is the SFA’s only market entry point for organisations that intend to:
  • deliver education and training services
  • deliver information, advice and guidance, which may include delivery for the National Careers Service
  • develop services (replacing the service developer framework)
  • operate in our supply chain as a subcontractor with an aggregated contract value of £100,000 or more (only for subcontractors delivering education and training services)

Organisations must complete our market entry pre-qualification process in order to enter the register, which is open at select points during the year.

Market entry pre-qualification process guidance

The pre-qualification process includes due diligence questions and capacity and capability questions which are available to complete at the same time.

The due diligence questions collect important details about your organisation, test compliance with the Public Contract Regulations 2015 and financially assess your organisation to determine if you are financially robust

The capacity and capability questions help you understand what is required to have a contract with the SFA; this includes specific questions that relate to the areas you are interested in tendering for

You must complete the due diligence questions if you want to enter the Register. If you want to be invited to tender when opportunities become available, you must complete the capacity and capability questions.  Lead providers for the delivery of education and training must complete the capacity and capability questions if they want to apply for growth in the future.


Every so often we focus on a company just to let you know a bit more about them:

John David the CEO and Founder of Amnick explains more.  

As a social enterprise we are training graduates and unemployed free of charge through our e-work experience programme over the last 8 years.

We are now at the stage where these trained people can support SME’s, Charities, and similar organisations in a variety of manner in the following areas:

  • Admin/Research
  • Finance (Book keeping, audits, accountants, budgeting, profiling etc)
  • Business Development and Marketing team covering creation of business, social media (twitter, Facebook, blogs, Instagram etc) and comms, business development and marketing, digital marketing
  • Graphics Design and Media (posters, promotions, illustrations, book covers, brochures etc)
  • HR (Recruitment, Advertisements, Interviewing, Training, Organisational Development etc)
  • Legal (Employment Law, Intellectual Property, Immigration, Contracts, Commercial etc)

We have 80 people on the programme who are now completing 3 months with us, and would be great in first/second line and support capacity in the above areas.

Each group has set up their own enterprise and they are looking at trading their skills. As an introduction, they are happy to take on projects/assignments (this is both on and off site) for up to 50% off the first week, and 25% off the second week.

We will be happy to provide more information to any organisation that would welcome this support.

Kind regards  John David  CEO and founder 07886837410   `making bad things good……and good things better’


After last week’s news from OFSTED more appears to be on the horizon

Ofsted could be heading for an embarrassing U-turn over its surprise decision to threaten providers with legal action over their unauthorised use of its logo to advertise ‘good’ inspection ratings.

Last week, FE Week revealed that several training providers had been threatened out of the blue with court action by the education watchdog, for the crime of using a modified version of the Ofsted logo.

They were told in harsh legal letters that they were breaching Crown copyright law – and that Ofsted would only allow institutions rated ‘outstanding’ to display such a logo, according to little-known regulations.

However, FE Week understands officials at the watchdog have indicated that they could now revisit the policy, following what might politely be called a bemused response from the education community.

A spokesperson for Ofsted denied to FE Week that there had been a “formal” review, and said the policy was “very much as it was last week”, but added: “We do look at policies across the board on a regular basis.”

A policy rethink would be welcome news for numerous schools, colleges and training providers who are currently in breach, by publishing ‘good’ logos on websites, outdoor banners and in prospectuses – leaving them open to potential action.

Mark Dawe, the boss of the Association of Employment and Learning Providers, last week told FE Week that he’d never even heard of Ofsted’s outstanding-only logo policy, and labelled it “the best kept secret in education”.

Ofqual on the 22nd of September formally issued Pearson with a notice explaining our intention to fine it £85,000.

Pearson admitted failing to meet 6 general conditions of recognition in connection with an incident that affected a variety of vocational qualifications between 22 April 2015 and January 2016. Our enforcement committee found that:

  1. Pearson did not adequately plan the introduction of a new IT system, because an incident occurred in the transition of learner and centre data (Condition A5.3(b)).
  2. Pearson issued inaccurate results to 551 learners (Condition H5.1 and H6.1(d)).
  3. Pearson issued certificates with incorrect names to 41 learners and certificates with inaccurate results to 1566 learners (Condition I4.1(d)).
  4. Pearson failed to issue results on time for 1,648 qualifications (Condition H6.1(e)).
  5. Pearson failed to issue certificates on time for 10,851 qualifications (Condition I4.1(b)).

Pearson has accepted our intention to make it pay a fine which takes into account the sum (over £5 million) it has spent resolving the incident, and the fact that Pearson has a good history of compliance with Ofqual conditions, notified us promptly about the incident, cooperated with us thereafter, and has taken a number of steps to rectify and mitigate the breaches and to prevent a re-occurrence.   Pearson will have 28 days to send us evidence or material in support of its case. Any interested parties can also send evidence and material to us during the same period.


Hate Crime Awareness week

The fifth annual National Hate Crime Awareness Week #NHCAW begins on 8 October 2016. The week starts with a special launch event at St Paul’s Cathedral, followed by hate crime awareness events across the UK.

The theme of this year’s event, organised by the anti-hate crime charity 17-24-30 is ‘Standing Together’.,4I0EA,GLG8EW,GO4JO,1


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